Little Boots

by 19.9.10

This is a photo which I came across in a 'Airplane Magazine' during out flight to Russia.

Looking at this picture makes Autumn look cozy. I do have a pair of rain boots, but not as fancy as this little piggy :) If I find red boots like these, I will take them home with me.

I own red lipsticks, which fit to every season: 

This one is from L'Oréal Paris; Indefectible Lip Duo in 501 (Invincible Red) and is supposed to stay on for 16 hours. The color is great, but it only lasts for about 3 hours (including eating strawberry cake). I don't like the feeling of it at all. It dries out my lips and it is not comfortable to wear. During the first hour it was ok, but when the gloss wears off, and you have to put it on again, you don't get the same effect as you got from the start. I applied it correctly, but it doesn't work for me. Too bad I have a second one lying around.... (402 Endless Peach, which I will still try out). I will definitely try it again, but my first impression is that I am very disappointed. For a gig it could work, but not for a full (16h) day.

Now, I'm off to watch 'Tatort'.


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  1. I love it ...
    Definitely need boots like these....

  2. What a lovely picture! Funny!
    I need something like that! =)

    Have a nice evening!

  3. Anonymous19.9.10

    Hmm interesting...
    Good luck with your Blogspot! s2

  4. I do have the same problem with Mac Pro Longwear Lipcolour: it stay on quite nicely, but it tends to dry out my lips so I have to re-apply the gloss all the time.

  5. Thank you!!!
    I was about this close to getting it... I tried at the shop and also didn't like it... but with your comment of actually trying to make it last for as long as they offer, really gave me a glimps!!!

  6. Anonymous19.9.10

    oown *-*

  7. What a beautiful Dutchie! ;D

    Too bad that the lipstick doesn't have a good fixation, the color is marvellous!
    And so is your scarf! I really love scarves and own a little collection, haha.

  8. So cuteee!! I want that pig and boots *_*
    You look pretty with that color, but its to bad that doesn´t work good.

  9. Congrats Simone,I love your blog!It's very funny, you're so pretty in your photos and the make-up information is a lot interesting :)!! I have the same problem with L'Oréal Indefectible..all the things you said. But yes,colours are nice (I have 200 Fuchsia fix) Just a quick question .. could you advise us about your favorite foundations? I have a pale skin,like you,and I would appreciate your opinion.
    A lot of thanks and good luck with Epica,you're my favourite group! :D

  10. Anonymous20.9.10

    I have the same problem with ANY long-wear lip color, including lipstains. I tried out Revlon's Just Bitten in Gothic and it stayed on for like an hour and a half, even with the special balm on top of it. If it's supposed to stay for 16 hours, then it should remain for 16 hours. If I find something that actually works, I will bring a fresh unopened set to you when I see you in December :)

  11. I would like to take the piggy home with me as well!
    That colour looks lovely on you. I think I'll try to get a similar lipstick, I really need some nice shade of red and that one looks just perfect.

    Kisses! :)

  12. Aha publicists are such liars ;P. The red lipstick suits you very well anyway !

  13. What a cute little piggy! :-)
    Meuh, so stupid that it says that it will last for 16 hours!

  14. That little piggy is cute =)
    Red suits you very well,even the publicits are a pair of liars!

  15. Little pig is so funny, I just can´t stop laughing ...

  16. That's a beautiful color lips! too bad you're not satisfied with it, you look great indeed, unfortunately not all make up fits our needs don't you think??

    anyways, have a nice time =)
    Take care!!

  17. Awww, what a cutie! I wonder if it's real or made in photoshop ^_^

    I wonder if you can help me out?

    I'd like to know what foundation you're wearing in the picture, and which shade.

    Because you don't normally use liquid foundation, right? And I don't like them either.

    In the summer I wear bareEssentuals i.d. mineral foundation in their lightest shade. But I'm unable to find a mineral foundation that's light enough to wear in the rest of the year.

    (I have found one, from MeowCosmetics, but I'd have to import it from the US and that would be quite expensive.)

    In the winter I'm as pale as your friend Reni, to give you an idea.

    I actually asked her, but she said she hadn't found one light enough for her either. (She uses Bobbi Brown's liquid foundation in 00 I think?)

    You're not as fair normally, but in this picture, especially your jaw, looks really white, and that's about exactly how my skin looks in the autumn.

    It would help me so much!

    Sorry about the novel length of this post ^_^

    Take care, hopefully I'll se you in Gothenburg in a few days! \m/