Everybody loves the Sun

by 29.4.11

Good day to all!

We have survived the London Royalness/mess and are now in Luxembourg.

The day started with sunshine but soon after we had a heavy rainstorm. I myself am don't bathe too much in the sun, but still love the sun. Waking up and seeing the sun fills me with positive energy. I prefer light to darkness.

While browsing through my pictures, I found some cute ones of the baby geese who live in our village. They also enjoy the sun. As cute as they look, they are extremely aggressive and wake us up in the morning. I often don't want to come too close, since they are extremely protective of their babies.

The pictures that I took were taken from our balcony. While the babies were taken in the sunshine, they were blocking the street. On both sides there were a lot of people waiting. They didn't dare to come too close. It was a funny scene.
Mama or daddy looking out for danger.
Mommy offering her warmth to her babies.
Sunny greetings,

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  1. The 2nd cute thing I've seen today.Fangirling over this post so much...just too cute to not fangirl,haha :')
    Thanks for making me feel better =')

  2. oh that's so cute (:

  3. Very cute! We have baby geese hatching here, too. I look forward to visiting them this weekend!

  4. Wow... didn´t know you were blogging... Just whrote about you ;)

  5. yeah is so cute wake up and see the rays of the sun through my window ^^

    aww these geese are beautiful and tender :)
    cause ,tenderness and a big smile on me.
    it's great that you are interested in the natural beauty of animals thanks for show us this awesome pic ^^^

    Well Take Care Simone and enjoy the sun ( a little bit ok lol ) Kisses

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  7. So cute!!

    I love your blog and your make up tips :)
    it's nice to have this kind of contact with you, love your songs <3


  8. How beautiful! I love animals!

  9. OMG, the geese are so sweet ^^
    I wish I could take a pick of that from my blacony XD

    Well, everybody loves the sun when they live in europe XD a sun like in Israel is annoying and too hot, I can't stand it...

    Have a lovely summer simone :)