Paris et Simone

by 25.4.11

Hi guys,

We are having a lovely time here in Paris. The weather couldn't be better! Earlier today, Oliver and me went out to get some brunch:

When we came back we got a lovely surprise from a French fan: Easter Eggs!

Merci beaucoup! Looking forward to the show tonight.


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  1. Easter in France, I think it couldn't be better.

  2. I didn't get any easter eggs yet.
    Give me one? lol

  3. mmmm that brunch looks so good!! :3
    lovely nails ;)

    have fun

  4. Looks so yummy!!! *-*

    You're like the only one in the world that yellow nailpolish can look good on her.

    Love your dress [and all of your other dresses too] :)

    Enjoy there with Oliver!

  5. Yum! That was nice of the fan!

  6. The brunch looks delicious in comparation with which shit I ate today :')
    I love how you dress...and I have a weird fetish with your hands,which means that I like every kind of nailpolish you wear :)
    It seems so far you have a good time touring with Kamelot,hope the rest of the tour will be good as well.

  7. wow yummmmi looks so good =)
    Ilove ur nails Simone ^^

    well enjoy ur tour Kisses
    Much Love
    Miriam Denisse

  8. You're a very lucky girl!

  9. Yummy lindt chocolate!!
    Beautiful nail polish ;)

  10. Looks like you're having a great time in Paris:). Enjoy!
    One more thing. Could you please share the photo of you (in the header) with us? Post it in your next post. I'm sure it looks great ♥

  11. Hi !

    A french fan, with nice Swiss chocolate ! :-)

    See you soon !

  12. Make a post showing us all your jewelry :)

  13. Enjoy your trip in France !

    I coudn't see you in Bourges but I still love you :p

    Kiss from a frensh fan !

  14. Hi Simone, french guy speaking :)

    I'm really glad that you enjoy your stay in Paris. France is a beautiful country but it's nothing compared to your powers of seduction. Especially on stage ! (Tell me if it's too much ;))

    Straight to the point : do you want to be a 'guest star' on our music video ? I am a drummer in a French metal band and the next step is to make a music video !

    Band name : Disconnected Brain
    email adress : disconnected.brain[AT]
    myspace :

    Tell me if you're interested :)

    Best of luck on your journey of life.



  15. PLEASE SIMONE, HELP ME OUT TO SPREAD THE WORD: PLEASE CLICK ON "LIKE" on this link --- to help out my Italian friend to win a contest!

  16. Hello Simone!

    You were so lucky to receive so much chocolate!! I remember, while waiting for the show, we saw Henning Basse eating some of them.. Guess they came from the same box!! ^^

    Love your pics though, your nail polish is amazing (such a bright yellow, I love it!!)

    Come back soon! xx