Universal Studios

by 20.9.11

Hi everyone,

Before the Kamelot tour kicked off, Oliver and me spend two days at Universal Studios in Orlando. The first day we went to Universal Studios and the second to The Islands of Adventure.

The weather was insanely hot and humid. Lots of sweating and swollen feet where awaiting me. At the end of the day the weather changed and the roller coaster which we saved for the last was closed down because of the rain.

The second day we decided to go to the Islands of Adventure. With many of the attractions you have to leave your bags inside a locker. The side where my locker was located crashed, so we had to wait for 45 minutes for the technician to fix it.

One of the most wanted attractions had to be Harry Potter. When we arrived, all the lockers where occupied. All the people that went to Islands of Adventure where at the Harry Potter section. It was packed! I couldn't wait any longer between all the perspiring people and had to walk away. So no Harry Potter for us.

My favorite attractions were the Mummy roller coaster and Spider Man. All in all we didn't enter many attractions due to long waiting lines and me being half as fast because of the heat and humidity.

Here are some pics from our first day at Universal. The second day I somehow forgot that I had a camera or the pictures that I took, are not worth showing. The last picture is actually for the second day, though. ;)

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  1. Hope you enjoy so much your visiting! Love your messy hair! You look so cute :D


  2. Awesome and funny pictures Sisi :)

  3. Anonymous20.9.11

    Hahaha! the pic inside the shark is epic! I was like Oo! OMG!

  4. I've been there and it was so fun! but somehow I don't remember the lines were that long...
    I hope you enjoyed despite the weather!
    The picture of you inside the shark's mouth is awesome XD

  5. Hahahaha the 4th picture is hilarious! hahaha. Oh Simone, now you understand a bit how we live in tropical weather x_x is just terrible. You look beautiful in spite of the humidity there.

    Simone I always have questions, I hope you can answer them.

    Are you comming with MaYan to México on November? Probably I'll go to see you to Mexico City (If I save enough money xD) Meeting you or just a Sign would be awesome!.


  6. Tnx to oliver for letting us know your Blog on facebook, We'll enjoy this very much :). Greetings from Belgium

  7. I'd love to see the Harry Potter section, a dream would come true :D

  8. jajaj the shark photo it is very funny, I have one there! aww to bad that you could not enter to harry potter!! I want to come back, its a fun place for "old people" XD

  9. Nice pictures dear Simons
    you're beautiful as always ...
    Kisses from Brazil
    Xoxo Janna Making of makeup


  10. Anonymous20.9.11

    The shark takes Sisi T-T ugly shark , ugly shark x)!


  11. Beautiful photos ... I love looking at your blog and find out what you do, it's fun! Thanks! You're the queen of metal, I LOVE YOU♥ Kisess from Uruguay!

  12. Beautiful photos ... I love looking at your blog and find out what you do, it's fun! Thanks! You're the queen of metal, I LOVE YOU♥ Kisess from Uruguay!

  13. Beautiful photos ... I love looking at your blog and find out what you do, it's fun! Thanks! You're the queen of metal, I LOVE YOU♥ Kisess from Uruguay!

  14. Awesome! I loved the jaws one!

  15. Laughed a lot at the shark picture, hahahah. Someone help our little redhead, fast! :P
    It reminds me of the trip I did three years ago with some friends to a big park too. That was such a nice day!

  16. I love that picture of you with the shark hahaha so funny ...I'd love to see the Harry Potter section jiji anyway nice pictures (:

  17. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  18. This is a pretty cool place! A friend went sometime ago and brought a lot of photos, is really cool! Enjoy it!

  19. Hi Simone,
    Loving this post so much. I've never actually been to the Universal Studios before; when my family and I went years ago, we were sure to check Disney World and Sea World out.
    Make-up question: In one of your YouTube Vlog's, you mentioned a lipstick by MAC called "Wild About You" but I couldn't find it on their UK or general website. Do you know if it has been discontinued or where I may be able to get hold of one? Adore it! And it has to be said, that colour looks so good on you :)
    Hope to see you back in UK sometime in 2012. Happy touring and recording. With love from the UK xxx

  20. That is a wonderful place. I'm looking forward to your next update.

  21. eh... you are soo funny my Godess-Queen...
    and is a candy lover with perfect shape and fitness... amazing. Take care...

  22. Amazing!, but... what does that shark do!?