Circadian Rhythms

by 2.10.11

Hi guys,

Circa what?

Since one week today I've returned home from the Kamelot tour through the USA and Canada. In my career I've experienced very little jet lags, but this time I got it bad. We arrived in Germany at 9 am, which was 3 am for us in America. Time to go to bed and not to start a new day. I slept 3 hours in the plane and felt somewhat refreshed.

Unfortunately it took me a long time to get back in to European time. Waking up at 3 am in the morning, even though I went to sleep at 22.00 is quite unpleasant. Imagine that 3 nights in a row and add up two sleepless nights before that. I was once again Smoon Zombie. I've tried to fall asleep again and waited many hours, counted millions of sea horses ( I prefer those to sheep), but I was wide awake and deeply frustrated, which also doesn't help you to fall back asleep again.

The weather is amazing, but also confusing. The leaves are turning red and falling down, but the temperature feels more like we're in the middle of summer. The only thing autumn like is my mind which is still foggy from the jet lag.

Speaking about sleeping, it is time for me to go to bed!

Sleep well,

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  1. Hey Simone! I hope that you has a nice dream.

  2. Anonymous2.10.11

    Sounds like you suffer from temporary insomnia.

    I know how you feel, I take Ambien just to attempt sleep. It sucks, insomnia. Got real sick last week after getting 2 hours of sleep over a 72 hour period.

  3. Good night Simonsita ^^I admire you , you're a hard working girl you deserve rest ...

    Have a lovely Dream x)

  4. Hey hey Little Simone, close your eyes, if not ,I will eat you haha ;)

  5. Ouch, that must be harsh! :x
    I really have never had any jet lag, so I don't know how it feels like. I hope you get "straight on line" quickly, though.
    Night night Smoon~

  6. I was reading about Jet Lag @Wikipedia and there's some "tips" to avoid Jet Lag but it's kind of "HARD" to do some intense exercises when you're like a zombie. :-P

    Sweet Dreams (sleep-time for me too)!

  7. Anonymous3.10.11

    I've found that playing a long, mellow song in my head helps put me to sleep if I can't fall asleep normally. Gets my mind off the fact that I can't sleep and moves it on to dreams. If you still can't sleep after three songs, though, then this is absolutely no help and I'm a complete fool.

  8. Poor you :( hope it will be better soon! You´re right, the weather is amazing...But we want the summer back, don´t we?
    And I will send you the "Sandmännchen" for sleeping :) have wonderful dreams simone :)

  9. " ..counted millions of sea horses ( I prefer those to sheep).."
    That was sooo cute! :)

  10. The autumn in Germany is going great! :D I'm doing a student exchange here and wondering if it's possible to see you someday, like a normal person walking in the street! :D haha. When I saw those photos of Stuttgart I wish I had been there! I can go there for free with my Fahrkarte and I didn't go the same day as you! :( OMG I sound like a freak fan, sorry.
    I admire you, Simone, and I'd love to go to a Epica concert someday <3

  11. Today I was zombified too.Sleep well smoon.Sweet dreams!.:)

  12. Anonymous3.10.11

    I'm so glad you're feeling better, Simone!

  13. Anonymous5.10.11

    Here in Sicily (Italy) is still very hot. Today the temperature was 25 degrees I think. This is not normal lol
    Anyway I hope you sleep well again. I know what it means.