Autumnal Mood

by 8.11.11

Hi guys,

In between my recording sessions in the studio I went home to recharge my battery and get some fresh air.

These photographs were taken close to my home town. I live really close to nature and enjoy the fresh air every day. I love cities, for shopping and sight seeing, but could never live in a city center.

I love autumn when the leaves are still displaying different moods. When the sun is shining you can encounter gorgeous sceneries.

Sunny kisses,

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  1. I really love autumn too with it's so beautiful colors..

    Kisses from France :)


  2. Autumn is nice with all the colors love your foto's <3

  3. I love the colours in these photos =) I wish we still had those colours here in Norway. The temperature are soon below 0 C, and the beautiful leaves have turned into brown and rotten leaves..

  4. Hermosos paisajes, comparto el mismo sentimiento, saludos from Chile

  5. Hey, Simone. Your first pic is awesome!!! Loved it...

  6. Gorgeous pictures!! I know what you mean, I love NYC, but I could never live there, I need a nice quiet area in the outdoors to sit and relax. :)

  7. I´m completely agree with you!!! and excellent photo. Already waiting for you in Mexico :)

  8. Amo também o Outono, porém,
    Temo que todas estas mudanças no clima mundial afetem - se é que já não afetam - nossos dias.
    É bom aproveitarmos enquanto há tempo.

    Kisses from Brazil,

  9. Hi Simone. Thanks for sharing this to us, it's really nice to know places where you go and where you live. It looks very cosy the place where you live!.

    Regards and I'll see you in 11 days in Guadalajara, México!. I'm going to fly there on Sunday and I'll spend 2 weeks there, just for relax and of course, to be in the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest.


  10. awww i think like you, I love to be around trees but also malls and places like those XDD.. love your outfit, part of it.

    you live in germany?? I was there, but you were at USA :( bad luck.

  11. I love autumn, and especially cold weather.
    You are beautiful!

  12. You are beautiful. <3

  13. Anonymous9.11.11

    Great photo - I love the way the sun's shining on your hair. You look radiant! I love walking in the sunshine - it instantly brightens my mood. :) I really like your scarf - I'm crazy about scarves and have way too many!!


  14. I agree with you the cities are for do shopping but could never live in to city center.
    I live in calm place where the nature shines for his beauty .. so I love your pictures ... and yeah I love autumn when the leaves are still displaying different moods Because you can encounter gorgeous sceneries ^^. Have a cool day

  15. ps: see you with MaYan 20 of November (; I'm so exited lml

  16. Amazing...
    So self centered, serious, yet astonishing beautifull with the sun on her hair...what does she thinks that very moment, eternized to the aeons?
    You are the new Mona Lisa, such a enigmatic smile...

  17. Nice photos, Simone.

  18. Hi Simone!

    I love your blog, and you are so beautiful!!! *.*
    I would appreciate if you follow my blog! i already follow you! ;)
    It would be an honor and a pleasure!

    big kiss

  19. ops, I forgot to tell you!
    I made this post on my blog about you! ;)

    I hope you like it!


  20. Nice outfit! Looks so cozy :)

  21. Hi Simone!
    I am an Italian fan of yours! I love you! You're beautiful! I love your blog.

  22. I like the new blog!

  23. I love autumn and all of it's colors - the brown, the orange and the yellow... they're so relaxting.
    Cities are good for shopping and stuff like that but I could never live there neither, the house of my dreams is located in a middle of a forest. The nature is my real love.

  24. Reminds me a little of Tasmania. Beautiful :D

  25. I love autumn too. It's my favourite season. Beautiful pic!

  26. Wonderfu wonderful wonderful. Love autumn

  27. Anonymous2.12.11

    Beautiful landscape,kisses!