a Scary Smoon

by 5.11.11

Hi everyone,

On the 31st of October, me and my friends were celebrating 'Dia de los Muertos' in the Rohre in Stuttgart.

I have never worn this much make up all at once. We spend about 4 hours getting ready. I've surfed the internet for tutorials and images. It was very difficult to choose a design, so I kind of did my own except for the eyes. They are inspired by:

Made by Heilemania.de

This was my first try at creating a 'Sugar Skull'. I didn't have any practice before and also didn't glue my eyebrows because I forgot to buy a 'Pritt Stick'. I do would like to erase my eyebrows one day. That I will save for next year.

Make Up used;
  • BH Cosmetics 120 palette (lots of green)
  • MAC Chili lipstick 
  • MAC Blackground (underneath the green e/s)
  • MAC Black Black chromagraphic eye liner
  • White face paint by unidentified make up brand
  • Dress by Asos.com
  • Fake bird from Mulberry

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  1. You still look gorgeous. Día de muertos is celebrated on November 2nd here in Mexico, your make up looks like some typical Día de muertos skulls.

  2. This is sooooooooo awesome! <3 (from this mexican girl!) yay!

  3. You're so cute in the second picture, looking like a little girl! *-*
    Nice make up, hair and bird. ;)

  4. Anonymous5.11.11

    So beautiful! I loved!

  5. Anonymous5.11.11

    In Brazil, November 2nd is "Dia de Finados", but no one wears fancy. =)

  6. You look aww ^_^ in third picture you did very well :)

  7. wow, well done *__* you are amazing!!! the edition of the photo looks cool, awww feliz día de los muertos

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  9. is amazing to know that you celebrate ´Dia de los Muertos', your makeup is beautiful I love more than the original , your design is awesomely congratulations 're all a master in creativity ^^

    ps:Excellent choice in using a bird, gives him a style more dark I love it ... <3

  10. You look super cool :), here in México we celebrate "día de los muertos" the first and the second of november the first is the day for the children and the second for the adults and the way we call the sugar skull is "La Catrina" :)
    Love you Simone :)
    Greetings, Cristina

  11. "Erase your eyebrows"? I hope you were kidding. Nice job for being the 1st time. I never done that before so, I can't say. All I can see is that you can be very creative with "Catrina" or Sugar Skull stuff.

  12. really amazing!

  13. wow...hermosas..estas fotos son geniales -.-

  14. You look awsome love the look

  15. Amazing job! it looks great; pretty and scary at the same time :P
    You're really talented, I think you should make some tutorials of your own. I'd love to see a full pic of the dress.

  16. OMG!! so cute! *-*"
    Congratulations to you!
    it's very very good..

  17. In the pix are u wearing a bird on your head?!

  18. Amazing... you look gorgeous even as a skull haha

  19. I love that Victorian/Vintage mirror:D And the bird is so cute!

  20. next time you tell me when you go out in Stuttgart and I will join you!

    Beautiful makeup by the way. My halloweenlook can be seen on my own blog, pussybat.de


  21. I love it, Siem! :)

  22. Anonymous6.11.11

    ahahahahah you look awesome!!XDXD

  23. If I had been there, I wouldn't have recognised you! You looked awesome :)

  24. Calaveras!!! me gustan, lucen hermosas!
    Greetings from Guatemala!
    waiting for mayan and epica! nov/16 :D

  25. Catrina!!!
    I loved your look!. It is such an honour to see you like this because it's a really beautiful tradition here in Mexico. For being the first time, you did it very well!.

    Nice pictures.

    Saludos desde México =)

  26. The blonde lady between you guys looked familiar... Is she from Das Kosmophon?