Little Red Riding Hoodie

by 24.1.12

Hi sweets,

Who doesn't like fairytales? Some of my all time favorites is Little Red Riding Hood.

Some of my favorite actresses is Amanda Seyfried. She has a face I could look at for hours. Lovely lady. She has something extraterrestrial. When I heard about the movie Red Riding Hood, I immediately ordered it.

Here is a make up look inspired by Amanda's look in the movie and also by Lisa Eldridge. I think I look a bit between a mix of Red Riding Hood, 'Those we do not speak of' and a boxer... I'm not wearing a cape, but my ever so soft bathing robe, which happens to have the perfect color. 

What I'm wearing;
  • MAC studio fix in NW20
  • MAC Raizin blush as eyeshadow and blush
  • MAC Dubonnet as a lip stain
  • Urban Decay Dark Horse as an eye liner
  • Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara
  • MAC Black Track as a tight line (upper water line)
  • Astor Eyebrow pencil in Gold Brown

Hope you like it!

Red Hoodie

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  1. Anonymous24.1.12

    I Really love this make-up! Red is a color that suits you, especially on the lips. Lovely!

  2. Stunning!
    I love that movie, too, and Amanda is one of my favorite actresses. :)

  3. Cool evening surprise!) The best post this month)

  4. I also love that tale, but you should read the real one jeje, and about the movie, I did not like it :S I think they did not wrote a great story, but have fun. You look beautiful, better than Amanda, *_*

  5. Wunderschön! <3

  6. Heej Simone,
    Binnenkort komt er een nieuwe verfilming 'Snowwhite and the Huntsman' met o.a. Charlize Theron als de Evil Queen en Kirsten Stewart als een warrior Snowwhite. Check de trailer maar op youtube, ik denk dat je die ook wel leuk vind aangezien ik zag dat we dezelfde filmsmaak hebben :D
    xx Uly

  7. I love that tale , and totally agree she is so beautiful and talented <3 so Lovely make-up ,pics and bathing robe x)
    ps: Well you could be the next " Red Riding Hood" , now in spanish " Caperucita Roja " don't you think ? hehe ... <3

  8. Anonymous25.1.12

    I loved Amanda in that movie - I saw it when it came out in the theater. :) You did a really good job recreating the look here, but you're much prettier than her! And I adore MAC's fluidline pots.. I use them often!


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  10. Ohh really beautiful! You look amazing!

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  12. This is my favorite tale as well. When I was a child I used to read it almost every day and draw it. In Brazil we say "Chapeuzinho Vermelho" like "Red Little Hat".

  13. Lisa Eldridge is amazing! [ Did you check her latest Marilyn Monroe tutorial? It's almost like a documentary]. Wore the same makeup today,with the only difference being that I had to mix my red lipstick with a little lip balm because all the cold wind dryed them out!
    Question: Have you tried on minx nails? I got obsessed with a picture where a girl had silver minxed nails. If yes, please provide feedback.,r:1,s:0&tx=116&ty=68

  14. Mooi gedaan :) Ik heb de film ook gezien en moet zeggen dat hij echt awesome is - er is zo'n originele draai aan het traditionele sprookje gegeven, echt klasse :)

  15. Rood staat je heel goed.Vooral de kleur rood op je lippen vind ik mooi bij je staan. Ik moet de film ook maar eens gaan zien, ik ben gek op sprookjes, en ik ga nu naar Lisa's filmjes kijken, bedankt voor de link.
    Fijn Weekend

  16. You look great i love that movie to when to cinema for it and have it on dvd now.

  17. Simone, du bist so wunderhübsch *.*

  18. Little Red Riding Hoodie its so beautifull and funny... i'm sorry, happy birthday for you

  19. You look much better than Amanda :D

  20. I watched that. It was actually pretty good for a girly type of flick :P.

    At least you're too cute to ever be eaten by big bad wuffie! He'd be all Grrr then all Awwww!

  21. Welcome to my sun Simone, Little Red Riding Hood so immediately I thought of this fable, fairytale like it very much Simone looks a like a Little Red Riding Hood so lovely the wedding right away you are doing and so nice! Thank you that you are. Maybe some other pictures of fairy tales? Snow Queen it would be just ...... kisses for you.

  22. thanks for those beautiful photos..