Immortal Gold

by 18.6.12

Hi sweeties,

Here's my nail of the day: Immortal Gold from MAC.

Such a pretty color for the summer. It looks as if all the gold treasures in the world were melted in to this nail polish. I have to be careful that nobody wants to steal my nails.

I love to wear bronzy, metallic nail polishes at the moment. Essie has a great collection in stores now called: Mirror Metallics. Absolutely gorgeous! Go check them out.

I've gotten two shades from this limited edition: Penny Talk and Good as Gold.

Do you have some treasures on your nails as well?

Golden kisses,

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  1. I love metallic colors, they look good with everything.
    This color is really hypnotising!

    It could be nice if you'd add more about golden things you would wear with this nail polish, for example: your favorite golden make-up, clothes and stuff like that :)

  2. It's really beautiful...
    I'm using a gold nail right now,
    I love silver nail too.

    Metallic colors are pretty nice ;)

  3. So nice!!! It's very shiny, amazing for summer =D I love silver too. I've got some metallic and glitter nail polishes but my two favourites of them all are 'Coqueiros' from Impala (it's metallic orange) and 'Glamour' from IDI nails (metallic blue). Both of them are very subtle, not as flashy as yours but still very beautiful.

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  5. Really nice! My treasure is the Chanel Péridot. Gold with this nice olive tone... lovely :)

  6. Hi Simone, yourself who paints her fingernails? are perfect, I love that color!

  7. When I want metallic, I don't choose a nail polish but a tecnique. I do silver minx nails and they are AMAZING. I am sure you would adore the gold minx nails...

  8. Gold goes with everything! :)

  9. yay!this one is very beautiful!:)

  10. Wow, that's a gorgeous color! I like to paint my nails to look like space, and I'd love to add this color to my nail galaxy.

  11. Hola Simone!! Such a lovely color in your nails I prefer metallic blue, I think suits me just fine. I agree with one of the girls that said something about what would you wear with the nail polish I'd like to see a whole make up cambination for this enamel. Sweety do you have something to say to your fans in latin america??? We are very excited about the make up contest I already bought a camara in order to have nicer photos and have practiced a lot... Hope you're great honey

  12. hola simone.!

    yes, in fact, everything looks good in you.!
    I'm a little bit brunnette.. so I guess gold nails doesn't fit with me.!

  13. super kolor love you !

  14. Reminds me of Ciate Paintpot in Lady Like Luxe....

  15. hey simone-!! i love this color!... jejeje simone i am from colombia and i should say i love you!! you are my favorite band... i want to show you something that is really important for me... recently my friend helped me to design a poster about epica.. and i think it is very nice.. i have it on my bedrrom's wall... i would like to show it to you.. if you want.... oo and i want to show you my new tatoo too... :) jejeje so you will tell me where can i send you the pictures or something :) have a nice day simone! :) kisses pd: sorry for my bad english jeje. :)

  16. Hi beautiful, I admire you greatly, you have a beautiful voice, very talented ... I am a big fan of Epica :) ... also consider a very sweet, humble, funny, sometimes just to see your photos that is funny or a joke you even doing simple lights up my day .. why you are an enlightened person .. hope you and the band do more and more success and continue giving us the opportunity to have these works of art coming from you guys "forever and ever" .... I love Epica Simone ... keep it up, you reach treasures. hugs and kisses sweetie.
    Note: I also love makeup and nail polish different, I think we women should be vain, as men too, I love that color .. very beautiful.
    I would very much like you saw me .. if you can visit my facebook:

  17. I'm wearing silver nail polish right now. This one from MAC is beautiful!

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  19. I'm obsesive with golden yellow this season. I have Chanel Gold Fingers nearly same color but yours looks more intense
    And also If you like this color I bought an awesome gold sandals from H&M. Its budget-friendly! If you want to look at
    and my thoughts about this shoes.