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by 1.7.12

Hi sweeties,

In this post I'm going to talk about my Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoos. I've been using them since quite a while and am really happy with them.

When I was in the States last year I went to Ulta and got three sets: the Travel Essentials, Core Collection and Starter Kit which are all $18 each. It is a real bargain if you ask me. The quality of these brushes are amazing. I liked them so much that I decided to also get the stippling brush and blush brush.

Here is my Real Techniques family. The only two brushes that are missing on this photo are my kabuki brush and the detailer brush from the core collection. I've color coordinated the brushes in this picture. This is not how the sets look like. More on that later on.
From left to right: Pixel-point Eyeliner, Accent Brush, Brow Brush, Deluxe Crease Brush, Base Shadow Brush and the Domed Shadow Brush (Travel Essential).

The Starter Set contains 5 brushes. The sixth brush in this picture is a Travel Essential Brush. When I took the pictures of the brushes I organized them by color and not the sets.

  • Pixel Point Eyeliner: I use this for pin point concealing. It is perfect to conceal little imperfections. 
  • Accent Brush: This brush I use for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. It's also a great smudge brush.
  • Brow Brush: I use this for lining my eyes as well as for my brows. You can create a cat eye in an instant.
  • Deluxe Crease Brush: This is my under eye concealer brush. It gives you a flawless finish without being to harsh on the eye area.
  • Base Shadow Brush: This is the only brush from this set that I use the way it is indicated.
  • Panoramic Brush Case/Stand (not included in the picture).

The domed eyeshadow brush is not part of this kit, but from the Travel Essentials. I also use this for concealing my under eye area.

The beauty of all these brushes is that despite their name, they can be used for so many different things. You are absolutely not limited to use them for what they were named for. The Pixiwoo sisters use them in many different ways.

Left to right: Buffing Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Essential Foundation Brush (comes with Travel Essentials) and the Contour Brush.

The Core Collection contains:
  • Buffing Brush: I use this to apply my liquid foundation.
  • Pointed Foundation Brush: I sometimes use this for applying concealer under the eyes.
  • Contour Brush: Also great for applying blush on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Detailer Brush (not included in the picture).
  • Panoramic Crush Case which can also be used as a stand.

The foundation brush which comes with the Travel Essentials I use for applying cream and liquid highlighter on my cheekbones.

From left to right: Multi-task Brush, Blush Brush and Stippling Brush.

Here are my pink brushes (they are not a set):
  • Multi-task Brush: This I use for powdering my face. I use this brush every day. This is part of the Travel Essentials.
  • Blush Brush: It is my current favorite blush brush. It gives a real nice natural finish. It is so fluffy! A real pleasure to put on the powder blush. This can be only bought separately.
  • Stippling Brush: Whenever I use a very pigmented cream blush, I grab this one. This can only be bought separately as well.

Kabuki Brush.

This little baby was a present from Real Techniques. The contour brush from the Core Essentials set had lost a lot of bristles and when I send them a picture, they send me a new one plus a gift for my inconvenience. That is what I call amazing service!

A quick round up from my side:
  • They are super soft, synthetic taklon bristles. Correction, they are the softest brushes that I have in my collection.
  • They are 100% cruelty-free.
  • The design is really appealing to the eyes and they are easy to keep apart because of the different colors of the handles.
  • They have been washed several times and always look like new after they've dried again.
  • The only little downside is that the names of the brushes wears off after a couple of uses, but that doesn't affect the brush quality at all. Even the numbers on the MAC make up brushes, which are three times more expensive, also wear off. So that is not really a big thing.

The panoramic brush case the sets come with are a great plus as well. However, I don't use them because I carry my brushes in a different make up bag.

My favorites are the buffing brush, the blush brush, the deluxe crease brush, pixel-point eyeliner and the contour brush. I use these brushes on an everyday base and will continue to do so. I saw on their website that there are some new brushes available! Can't wait to try them out as well.

As far as I know you can find Real Techniques only in shops in the UK(Boots) and USA (Ulta). For those of you who live outside these countries there are some great online shops that sell Real Techniques as well.

Here are some links for more info on Sam's Real Techniques Brushes and online shops:

With these brushes you are getting great value for your money. I totally recommend them.

Do any of you own some of these brushes?


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  1. Real techniques brushes are a hot topic at the moment, but I don't own any at the moment. Since I'm looking for some special brushes at the moment, maybe I give them a try?

    Thanks a lot for the detailed review and for making me only more curious ;-)


    1. They are really amazing! Trust me :)

  2. Anonymous1.7.12

    I don't have none from Real Techniques, but they look good! I really like the Sigma brushes. Are my favorite! Do you have one of them?

  3. Hello Dear Simone,how are you? Real Techniques brushes look great,i should buy,these brushes,but i don`t know if are on sale in Uruguay.greets :)

  4. Well, I use the Korres Retractable Travel Brush a lot. You know, it is perfect to keep in your bag and use it to apply powder blush and powder [google it to see what I mean]. Very affordable too. I've been thinking about trying out the Real Tecniques brushes, but I don't know which one to choose. I mean, which one goes well with a light foundation like Vitalumiere Aqua? Or to apply a creamblush? Oh, and I need one for undereye concealing. Very, VERY confused!!! Which ones would you suggest for me?

  5. I have some of this brushes, and I love them!

  6. Anonymous2.7.12

    Thank you for the thorough review - it's very helpful. I feel foolish because I didn't realize Pixiwoo created these brushes! I use Sigma brushes, but I've always seen these in Ulta and wondered about their quality. I could spend so much time AND money in Ulta - ha! :)


    1. I love and hate Ulta at the same time if you know what I mean ;)

  7. I don't own these brushes though I'd love to, but I'm reading reviews and trying to decide whether to buy these brushes or Sigma brushes... thanks a lot for the help :)

  8. I have the starter set and I love it. I found them in Venezuela 4 months ago and since then I use them everyday and they look like they are new, no hair came out in all this time, I just love them!

  9. I don't own any at the moment. Maybe I give them a try too.. now I'm really curious!
    I have the e.l.f. studio set, some Make Up For Ever, Mac, Sephora professional, Bare Minerals, Kiko (don't recommend them) and other taken here anh there..

    1. Why not the Kiko brushes??? I was curios about that set I think it has 7 brushes and some are double. Tell me your experience so I can guide myself. Thanks a lot!

    2. Sorry if I reply so late, but I had not seen your question!

      My experience with brushes Kiko was not good because they lose a lot of bristles and for that price, I prefer the Sephora's brushes. Although of course we talk about economic brushes.
      The brushes I use at work are mainly e.l.f., Mac and MUFE. But soon I will take those of Real Techniques!

  10. Anonymous3.7.12

    I have one set of Real Techniques brushes, and I love them! I also follow the sisters on YouTube, where they post some great how-to makeup videos. :)

  11. Real Techniques brushes are now everywhere!! i tried to resist myself, but spanish, german and english blogs talk about them...and now you too!! i really need them, especially as a great fan of pixiwoo that i am...thank you for the review, i really trust on your opinion.


    1. You can always try one set and if you like it you can get more. They are very inexpensive and super soft.

  12. actually never heard of them.!!
    here in mexico, we don't have brushed like this..
    if I want get them, probably I would buy them via amazon.!
    thanks fro the advise, I'll try to buy them..!!

  13. I was gonna buy a Sigma brush set which I can barely afford but these are so much cheaper and looks great. I watched the tutorial on their site and seemed so easy even for a noob like me. Luckily, Amazon ships to even Narnia, where I live. :D I'm gonna buy the starter set <3

    Thanks for the info, it really helped cause I couldn't trust any advertisement with cheap products on the internet!

  14. Love this! This may help some of you, you can get the full range of real technique brushes at really cheap, and i have a code for upto $10 off!!! : HWT011 : use it at the checkout and only $4/ £2.50 worldwide delivery!!! Hope this helps, they end up being like super cheap! :) .

  15. Anonymous15.10.13

    Hi Simone!

    I actually intend to buy some new brushes since I really need some good ones. I thought about Real Techniques brushes because everyone tells me that they are awesome. And after reading this post I'm sure that I'm going to get me the Starter Set and the Core Collection.
    And by the way, congratulations to you and Oliver=)
    Take care!