Epic Contest for Latin America

by 24.7.12

Hello Sweets,

It is time to start the second round of the contest for Latin America. Are you girls ready?

Here's what you have to do to win:
There are three promo pictures with each a different make up look. Your task is to recreate the make up of one of these looks, and send a picture to contest@nuclearblastusa.com.

Your second task will be to have the tour flyers as a main photo on your Facebook account OR Twitter account for the entirety of the contest, which will end on September 2nd. You also have to send your FB or Twitter profiles to the email shown above. You are free enter as many pictures as you like.

There will be three winners. All the winners will be chosen by me and announced on the 2nd of September on my blog.

The prize: A free ticket to your concert of choice, from the upcoming Latin American tour, a meet and greet with me and one MAC make up item from the looks that I've created (lipstick, eyeshadow, pigment).

You don't have to use the same products that I've used, but similar colors.

Have fun being creative! I'm looking forward to seeing your faces!

Look I
  • MAC 'Black Knight' Lipstick (limited edition)
  • MAC Fluidline in 'Blacktrack'
  • Sephora Eyelashes in 'Mink'
  • Kryolan 'Glamour Sparks' White Glitter

Look II
  • MAC 'Silver' Pigment
  • MAC 'Taupe' Lipstick
  • MAC Fluidline in 'Blacktrack'
  • MAC 'Harmony' Blush
  • Sephora Eyelashes in 'Mink'

Look III
  • MAC 'Silver' Pigment
  • MAC 'Hepcat' Eyeshadow
  • MAC 'Parfait Armour' Eyeshadow
  • MAC Fluidline in 'Blacktrack'
  • MAC 'Harmony' Blush
  • Sephora Eyelashes in 'Mink'
  • Shiseido BE 333 Lipstick

All pictures by: HEILEMANIA
Make Up by: Simone Simons

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  1. Hi.! I have 2 questions... Can I enter with more than 1 pic.? Do you have the Costa Rican flyer tour.? :-)Hope to see you Sept 19th.! :-) BTW I'm working on something I wanna give you before the show, can I.? :-)

  2. Cool, hopefully there will be a contest like this for the UK tour... I know there was one for Europe tour in the spring, but I don't think that the December dates for UK were not released back then. Good luck to everyone participating!

  3. It's the same as the last contest but in a different place! :)
    Just wondering... how can someone prove what's her main photo on facbook\twitter...?
    Good luck to everyone, hope to see some nice results!

  4. hi Simo! i have a dude! is the same if i put the flyer as a cover photo on my facebook? pleeease answer!! xD hahaha

    love ya! :)

  5. Hi Simone

    I have a concern with regard to this contest

    How important is to place the background on our pictures?

    Is it okay if we try, besides the make-up, also wear similar outfits, or just the make-up will be considered?

    Thanks and regards, I really hope to be the winner :)

  6. The make up is what counts the most. Back ground and clothing is not important. It is up to you if you want to do that.

    1. Hi dear, wow, thanks for such a quick reply!

      Well, I think that placing the background would enrich the picture a lot, but if you will not consider it when judging, perhaps it's something to be set aside.

      The downside is that I have only a few MAC products, I hope the similar ones I own will produce the same effect in the picture :)

      Cheers from Rio, Brazil

      It's awesome to have you guys back :)

  7. Simone hello, the flyers for latin america is there, but not every country
    we have to use that?

  8. Ready to win >:D

    but I have a question, what is the limit date to send the picture? :O

  9. Yay!! Thanks for this contest! I'll do my best =).

  10. hi!
    i have a question, do we must necesseraily use MAC products?
    and about the flyer, do you mean profile picture?

  11. Hi Si
    So I do not have facebook! Could I ask a family member to put the flyer?
    '' This part of the competition "is important?
    I really want to participate
    I look forward answer :)
    Greetings from Brazil! ; ***

  12. hello simone n.n
    how is the date limit????
    please answer me!!!!!!

    i really want to win that ticket...you are my inspiration <3!!!!!

    1. The contest will end on September 2nd. ^^

    2. thank´s n.n!!!!


  13. Simone! i have a problem! MY HEAD IS DYE IN BLUE!! don't matter? :/ but it's nice! :D

  14. sorry i mean my hair is dye in blue! hehe and my hair is short too u.u :/

  15. Had questions about the contest, I read your blog and it saids we have to recreate one of 3 looks, but had questions about if it has to be the same of the flyer of our country? For example I´m from Mexico and will be the 2nd look then? Hope you answer so I can send the picture.

  16. Also had already started with the promo picture at my profile in FB, I´m as Morrighan Vamp. Greetings

  17. Hi Simone, I'm very excited about this Contest but, I have a question. Can I do the three looks or Am I allowed to do only one?


  18. more than ready!! waited just too ling and I've practiced like crazy... :D Love you SiSi <3

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hi Simone! I'm confused and I have a question

    In the pic "Look II", the lipstick must be similar to the MAC's real colour or just the dark colour of the pic?

  21. Thanks for this oportunity Simone!!! I was waiting for this!!! I'll do my best hope you like it!!

  22. THAT'S AWESOME *-*

  23. I'm so excited to enter the contest, but I don't have a facebook account, neither twitter. So the question is, can I still join? I could totally create one, but I really don't like social networks...
    Well, either way I'm waiting anxiously to see you for the first time at São Paulo! :)
    Küsse! <3

  24. OMG thanks Simone for this amazing opportunity! I hope you really like my make-up even if I use crappy products :s I need that ticket for dying in peace some day, I never been in a Epica or Mayan show do to my financial situation and this is my shot for finally see you guys alive. <3

  25. Simone I have a doubt, the flyer picture we have to use as a profile pic in facebook is the one with the latin american tour dates or the one that only belongs the country I live? I'm asking cause I can't find the Costa Rican flyer :)

  26. Hello, my dearest diva!

    With the updated information provided by you, something else came up. You said that we can send as many pictures as we like. My concern is, are we allowed to send just one picture for each look recreated, or can we send you several options for all three looks, or just a couple of options for one of the looks?

    You see, I tried to take the perfect pic for one of the looks, but it was my least favorite which depicted the whole make up more clearly. Is it okay if we send you one pic to refer to the look, and another one to show the work done in a more detailed way (for instance, a close up of the make up)?

    My other concern is with respect to the Facebook & Twitter accounts. in case we have both, our entering in the contest will only be validated if we keep both profile pictures for Fb & Tw during the contest term, or just one of them is enough to validate participation?

    Sorry for bothering you with all my doubts, but I really had to get them checked, in order to send you only the material within the contest scope.

    Love you!

    Can't wait for September any longer!

    Please play Veniality & Deconstruct in Rio, if possible :)

    (You might be thinking now: Oh, these Brazilians and their endless requests...)


  27. Cool!. I'll join in the contest then.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  28. I love it ♥
    Of course I'm gonna try!
    but it will be dificult!
    the european winners make an whole work of photoshop on their pictures,I don't use this programs :/

    I'd loke to know until which day I can send my pictures?

    Thanks! Sisi!

  29. Hi, Simone! ^^
    I know someone who did a really beautiful makeup, inspired by Look I. Her name is Daniele, I don't know if she'll join the contest, but ... if she doesn't join the contest, I would like you to see her makeup. So, please, take a look at Daniele's photo and tutorial: http://www.beautyandbrains.com.br/2012/08/tutorial-de-maquiagem-simone-simons-requiem-for-the-indifferent/
    I think it's really beautiful! I really hope that Daniele join the Contest, and I'll be cheering for her! Worth checking out! ;)
    Kisses from Brazil, sweetie!

    p.s.: Simone, sorry if my English is difficult to understand, dear... I really wanted to show the Daniele's photo.

  30. Hi Érica, my dear Simone and all fellow contestants

    I know Daniele´s work and she´s really awesome, but I think her level is a more professional one, you see, she teaches people how to DIY all kinds of make-up by means of tutorials and stuff, I don´t think that her entering would be fair to all the rest of us.

    Don´t get me wrong, I´m a huge admirer of this girl, but all other contestants are not professional make-up artists like Dani. Of course she would be picked in the event she sends pictures to enter this contest, due to her incredible skills and talent!

    Please, leave this contest for us, mere mortals and amateur make-up artists :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi, girl/boy! :)
      I understand what you said... I'll not join the contest, I just really want Simone to sees Daniele's work. I love Daniele, and I know she would be very happy with a Simone's compliment, even if she doesn't join the contest. Still, I hope she participates and hope she wins, I love her!
      Regarding to ''leave the contest for amateur'', I know that seems unfair to the girls who love Simone, and don't know to do a Makeup so well, but it's a competition open to all, to the fans, be they really Makeup Artists, or not, I know...
      I know it's a Contest related to Epica's Concert, but it's still a Makeup Contest -even a part of the prize involves makeup items!-, and who does the best work in the Makeup Contest ,are the Makeup Artists, of course.
      So ... I'm very happy for all the Makeup Artists who are participating. ;)
      Anyway ... I really hope that Simone sees Daniele's Makeup, and likes it. :D
      And like you said, don't get me wrong, everyone has their own opinion about everything, and I respect, but I always keep my opinion. I just want the best girl wins, and the best will win. :)

  31. DONE!. I've sent my pictures.
    I hope you like it :).
    Greetings from Argentina Simone!.

    1. Dear Veronica do you Know how to send the pictures? the mail direction Simone gaved doesn´t work well it returns to me as a failure notification can you help me please thank you

  32. Hi Simone I have a question Im triying to send the pictures to the mail direction you gaved of contest@nuclearblastusa.com and i cant it always return to me as a failure notification Im very worried because I think tomorrow is the last day to send the pictures and Ive tried it since 2 weeks ago or any of you gays know how can I send them please?

  33. Hi Simone I have a question Im triying to send the pictures to the mail direction you gaved of contest@nuclearblastusa.com and i cant it always return to me as a failure notification Im very worried because I think tomorrow is the last day to send the pictures and Ive tried it since 2 weeks ago or any of you gays know how can I send them please?