-Berlin Fashion Week Day 2- 'Marcel Ostertag'

by 22.7.12

The second day in Berlin started with a big breakfast with Reni that ended in a mini photo shoot in her room. I had to hurry like crazy because I went shopping with Magi, Jojo, Julia and Sina.

We wanted to go to the Gallery Lafayette, but ended up not going inside due to other interests.

I've heard a lot about Gina Tricot, but never bought anything from them. After our visit to their brand new store, I was the one that stimulated their economy the most. More about my shopping in another post. The new MAC collection also had to be checked out, so I also checked the cash register.

The Marcel Ostertag fashion show was soon to commence and we were running late.

On top of that we couldn't find a cab to take us to the event. We ended up calling a cab and were arriving fashionably late at the fashion show. It was my first fashion show and I was really impressed. Seeing it normally through the magazines and TV shows, it was really nice to see it in the flesh, although the models didn't seem to have much of that.

All of this made me very hungry. Jojo, Magi, Julia and me went back to the hotel to gather our belongings and grab a bite to eat. After some nice conversations it was time to say goodbye to the girls.

My day was not over yet. I was going to visit my friend Anne Catrin to see her play in 'Hinterm Horizont' at the theatre. If you are going to Berlin, be sure to check this musical. It is a real treat!

My two days in Berlin were super busy, but super fun! Next time when I come to Berlin I want to do more sight seeing and meet up with my friends from Berlin under more calm circumstances. Maybe I should stay longer than 2 days?

Enjoy the pictures!
Tea time with Reni shot by Anauhu.
Damn Taxi.
Maybe we should go that way?
Group shots while waiting for the taxi.
Waiting for the show to start.
Magi, Sina and Daaruum.
Lights, camera, action!
Some of Marcel's creations.
On the runway. Shirt by Gina Tricot.
With Jasmin from Tea and Twigs.
Hinterm Horizont.
New additions to my wardrobe.

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  1. The show seems amazing! I hope you had a great time =) Luckily one day I will be able to travel to Europe and do some sightseeing in Berlin, I've been told it's a wonderful city, full of history. You and Reni...so cute together in that picture! Her room looks very nice. Post pictures of your room! If it's like you, it must be fantastic ;)
    PS.: Waiting for any mean of transport SUCKS!! =S

  2. Oh dear, you had only two days in belin? Not enough to take a rest and visit the hughe "you have to see" places! But maybe next time :)
    Reading you will come round another time, keeps a really great store in my mind! I know you like sweet things, so next time you have to visit the "gendarmenmarkt" with the yummiest chocolat store ever! It´s Fassbender & Rausch, a really really good chocolat store in the "Mohrenstraße" next to the Gendarmenmarkt. You can see the Brandenburger Tor and other famous buildings of Berlin in pure chocolat and you have the biggest offer of different chocolats there! I think it´s mroe and better than KdWe.
    Hope your wardrobe ist´nt to angry about you, cause you´ve bought new stuff :) All girls need wardrobes who become bigger by just saying they should be bigger :) Have a calm and sunny Sunday!

  3. Anonymous23.7.12

    You're so amazing!I'm anxious to see you in Brazil (:

  4. Hello Lovely Simone, nice pics :)kisses

  5. Two days are never enough :( but as long as you made the best out of these two days, it's all that matters, and it seems like that's what you did!

  6. Tolle Posts! Schön, dass du dieses Erlebnis mit uns geteilt hast! Ich musste ja lachen, als es um die 20 Mädels und ihre hohen Stimmen ging ^^

    Liebste Grüße

  7. I really like Gina Tricot and buy a lot from them They have good prices, and small sizes! They're like H&M but I can wear all their clothes. (I'm size xs/petite.)
    Lots of beautiful colors at the moment.
    I think you'll like them to, if they have a store where you live (although I guess you're everywhere :-P) I can totally recommend them! They have many cuts and colors which would suit you, I think.
    They bring in new stuff frequently also.

  8. What a cool experience. It looks like you had a really great time and got to meet some wonderful ladies. These photos give a great overview of how your time was spent. So fun to see! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anonymous11.8.12

    muito boaa a fotoss *------* Lindaademais
    Simone Johanna Maria Simons ♥