Berry French

by 27.8.12

Hi Sweets,

Here's a quick nail design that is perfectly suitable for noobs like me. I will be honest with you, I'm not the biggest nail artist.

This is as far as I can go with my techniques and this is as far as I want to take it. There will be no flowers, bees or hearts on my nails. I've tried the ombre nail manicure and failed big time. The only thing that was ombre was my table and not my nails. I wanted to do the water marble but that seems way out of my league. Did any of you try it?

To achieve this french manicure 'a la Simone', you will need 4 nail polishes and a nail polish corrector pen, because it will get messy. You can decide yourself which base and top coat you use and of course the two colors of the main nail polishes.

  1. I started off with my favorite base coat from P2 Base and Care Coat. Then I applied two coats from the new Manhattan nail polish 'Styleproofed' 01S Acai Power Berry and let it dry for a while.
  2. After that I took my 'Good as Gold' nail polish from Essie and slightly moved the brush on the outer ends of my nails, starting from the outside and rolling my finger from my left hand (where I applied the nail polish) to the left side slowly and my right hand to the right. For this manicure, Good as Gold was not the best choice because the wand is huge (which is great for when you do a normal nail look). I got a lot of gold on my finger tips and needed a while to clean it all.
  3. Then at the end you add a clear top coat of your choice. Mine is from Seche Vite.

You can very this look in so many different ways and make them look nicer by using the right tools. I have very little nail art tools and tried it my messy way. I'm quite happy with the outcome.

Hope you like it too! Please share with me your favorite color combos.


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  1. It really looks great. I often try it with a classic black and red (nº 550 Red Lace from Astor) and with two different shades of blue (Nailine nº 25 and Lasting Finish nº 198 from Rimmel London). However, my fingers get all painted everytime I do that.

  2. I've tried water marble nails several times and I got lucky, it worked :)It's not easy, I must say, but the result is worth it. I only wish that technique wouldn't take up so much of nail polish :/ You know, it doesn't say this anywhere but i found out that nacreous nail polishes work the best, they tend to spread easily on room temperature water. I love using silver holographic polish with a nacreous purple or blue and add silver or gold nail art afterwards, looks amazing. Oh and the nail polishes have to be really fluid, this technique requires speed :)

  3. Ahahah noobs! I'm really a disaster with nails so what I see now on you is awesome, for me! XD
    I really like the nail polish 'Styleproofed'and I'd like to have it in green!

  4. This is beautiful! I usualy just apply one color and this is it, but I'm starting to get tired of it, so it could be a nice thing to try out.

  5. Blue and gold look great together, I must try this combo on my nails :)
    My favourite one is black polish and golden eyeshadow so far. No mistakes! :D you start with polish, wait it to be dry, apply the eyeshadow and then the top coat. I love it! I've also tried this technique with a lilac/grey polish and the result is amazing ** I took inspiration for this effect from a tutorial video on YT which showed you how to paint your nails "Hunger Games style" ;)

  6. I love that, the colors are perfect *_*

  7. Love! <3 That is perfect!


  8. I tried out Water marbling and Ombre Nails. Both take quite a long time and i am too impatient for that... plus the effeckt of fresh laquerd nails that make you feel like you have to go to toilet.
    But I did it for my Blog readers, it is to find under the label Nail-Art.

  9. I love it! Looks so elegant :)
    I think the best way to get an easy manicure is using some magnetic nail polish!
    you should try it :)

  10. Looks simple and elegant :) I tried water marbling and failed too :/ But I like free hand painting my nails, check this out:
    What do you think? (Sorry about quality, my cam was broken so I took it with my phone) :3

  11. Fabulous ! This is so beautiful

  12. I am a total disaster on nails art too!!! As I work in a luxury hotel, I can't use nice bright colors so I do my French nails with traslucid colors and white. Very soft pinks and neutral tones. But I love black, blue and red. I love the colors you have chosen for yours!
    Big kiss

  13. Beuatiful...

  14. These colors combine suuper! *--*
    kisses Sii <3

  15. Been doing my nails like that for quite a while as that is as nail-artsy as I can get too :) My favourite combination isn't very exciting but, I do like it a lot: red nails with black tip

  16. I would really like to try this one!!! It likes quite pretty!!! I was wondering if you could record how you do it, cause I didn't get all the explanation :S
    I know it's more work for you. Just asking..

    :) Love your blog!

    Keep making up!

  17. Love the combo of silver and blue.

    Just got myself a new camera and was so inspired by you that I had to make some manicure and take pics myself. (Scroll down for english)

    Just got some new nail polishes from Sephora/OPI. Used a dark pink as base coat and a lighter pink at the tips. Had to use surgeon-tape to keep the nails from being too messy, yet the right hand ofc got in trouble.. not easy :)

    I just love the way you combine colors in your make ups generally, very inspiring

  18. Loved! A perfect combination!
    I have a blog too, if you want to know, I'm from Brazil.

  19. Amazing work! ^-^ Your nail polish posts are always amazing.
    Since years ago, I'm in love with your make up style, which is my main reference.
    This blog is really interesting, but I would ask you to do a post about your foundations, which ones you prefer and why. Thanks for all.

  20. Try black and gold :) Trust me this is perfect combo :)

  21. I love it. But I love that ring <3 Omg it's so beautiful and you've beautiful hands and your fingers are long, like mine :D I love rings but big rings because we've long fingers seems beautiful... I don't know if is seems or looks beautiful, excuse me I'm from Colombia and I'm learning Enlish but I hope you understand me :D you are beautiful Simons ;)

  22. I like to do a green-gold combo =) those colors fit very well together !

    ps : Love the ring too !!! =O Labradorite ?

  23. So beautiful! I love it when you post pictures of nails and nail polishes, which are my passion! <3