by 10.8.12

Hi Sweets,

Yesterday we had a day off in Budapest. We drove from Tolmin, Slovenia to Budapest to enjoy some hours there before continuing to Sibiu, Romania (where I am right now). We were lucky that we were in Budapest right when the famous Sziget festival was taking place.

Rob has been there many times and I've heard many great stories about Sziget. It was time to go and check it out!

It was a lot of fun to be a visitor for once. We strolled around the fields, enjoyed good food and good music. There were loads of Dutchies and Germans at the festival. It is definitely an international festival which covers all different music styles and a lot of other entertainment.

Enjoy the pictures!

At the Gates of Sziget.

Had a mini photo shoot for a 'street fashion' website.

Can you see me?

Captain Morgan's Bar high in the air.

About to be eaten alive.

Some guys decided to join in. 

Thanks Caro for the tickets!

My favorite!

I like them big!

We went up in the Ferris Wheel.

Nice view.

Taken the boat back to the main land.

St. Istvan.

The best ice cream in Budapest!


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  1. Nice to hear that you had time to relax and go out. :) A friend of mine got married to a hungarian guy in June - the wedding was held in the St Istvan.

  2. Aww lovely! My family stems from Hungary and Budapest is my favorite city. Have to go back for a visit soon, I miss it so much.

  3. Simone, how can you have so much energy and look so fresh and beautiful? Glad you're having fun and thanx for sharing with us your pics and memories <3

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic time. Great pictures :)

  5. Great pics, I laughed a lot watching some of them, like the one where the guys joined in. And it is interesting that they did't know who you are and thought you were just common visitor at the festival! Well, not common, stunning enough to catch their eyes! ;)
    Kisses from Brazil!

  6. What a cool looking festival. I'd love to go someday! Your pictures give a great sense of what's offered there, as well as an awesome overview of the fun you had. It's always a treat to see how you spent your day. Thanks for sharing!

  7. OMG you were there and I was also and I didn't see you ahhh :( good to see you back here in Hungary :)

    Ps.: if you write in a letter:

    In hungarian:


    Just so you can learn a new thing, didn't meant to be rude :)

    Sok szeretettel,

  8. Wow du bist jetzt in Sibiu? Das finde ich super denn........ich komme aus Sibiu. Ich wohne jetzt aber seit einige Jahre in Deutschland. Ich wuensche dir einen wunderschoenen Zeit in Sibiu!!!


  9. It looks so much fun! *-*
    Loved your dress and pics [and your new vid on your youtube channel :P]

  10. what a beautiful dress , pictures and place .. thanks for share it with us ..... <3 Now I'm in love with Budapest ^^

  11. nice guys the ones who decided to join :p

  12. Woow! It's cool to visit our little country again. Did you run across any Epica fans ? :D I hope that see you soon. :)

  13. Heyyy.... No way that you were in Hungary again and I missed a chance to meet you!!! I noticed that you love sweets... If you come back again, try out Vanilin Bonbon - handmade chocolates .... I work here and it would be a please to see you there ;)

  14. It seems to be a happy day! Nice pics! It's good to see you havin' fun, Simone!♥

  15. ahahahaha so much fun! love it! nice pics, I love your dress Smoon! where you bought it? love from Venezuela X