The Rum Diaries Look - Amber Heard

by 28.2.13

Hi Sweets,

When I was cleaning up my magazine stash, I stumbled upon a wonderful make up look from Amber Heard. She is absolutely gorgeous!

Below you can find my version of her look. I don't look anything like her, I have a different eye shape, but tried my best to come as close as I could to her make up. There was no information about the products that were used on her, so I recreated it by eye with the products I own. All you need for this look are:

  • A black eyeliner
  • Eyeshadows in the color; black, brown, a shiny champagne colored eyeshadows
  • Warm nude lipstick with a glossy finish
  • Peachy blush
  • Your favorite mascara and eyebrow products

I didn't even contour my face, since my cheekbones protrude.

Rum Kisses,

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  1. Anonymous28.2.13

    Such a stunning look Simone! Could you perhaps give a list of the products you used? I love the lipstick!

  2. Amazing look! I love the way you use eyeliner but I cant do that like yours even I've watched your videos while youre doing that but I cant do the implementation part :D Have you ever considered using some purple eye shadows, it might looks good on you :)
    ( Did you like the nail-polish I gave you in Ankara btw :) )

  3. Hi
    I love that look it's natural and it's great for everyday use
    I love the lipstick
    Kisses from Costa Rica

  4. Anonymous28.2.13

    You look so gorgeous,Simone! Well,the nude lipstick fell right into you! I go tell you my story. One day I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany's (again) and wanted to recreate the Audrey Hepburn make up. Oh..I had a lot of problems with the right products to use, but I found a Lisa Eldridge make up tutorial on you tube. Anyway..It is so easy to recreate a makeup with your style. And you do this so well (:

  5. Really good! :) I shall try this!

  6. you don't look like her, you look better! i loved this makeup!! very nice eyeshadows <3

  7. oh and btw, beautiful ring!!! where did you buy it?! :)

  8. This is really nice! I wish I could wear a winged liner like that, but it just never looks good with my eye and face shape. This color combination is something that I will definitely try out once though :) kisses, Kimberley

  9. Looks so amazing, Simone! I really like this make-up, sexy and not over the top!
    Congreatulations, I love it!

  10. Love this! I'm all about champagne lately. Beautiful color, especially for redheads.

  11. It looks amazing!

  12. That ring is tasty! It's like the gem thing from the first Men In Black film that the cat has on it's collar. I've always liked your rings. This one, the clock ring & the silver ring that looks like a cheese grater are amazing.
    These pictures are incredible, Simone your eyes are so blue like two highly Polished Sapphires. I hope that doesn't sound creepy, I'm being sincere.

  13. Beautiful look!
    I fell in love with your lipstick! can you please tell me about it?

  14. Beautiful! I love your eyes! It reminded me of this tutorial, inspired by Jennifer Lopez look:

  15. Beautiful bone structure darling... I'm also loving your hair color.
    nothing but a pigeon