Dior - Diorama - Lipstick Look

by 15.8.13


One of my favorite summer lipsticks is 'Diorama' 066 from the Rouge Dior lipsticks. It is a coral pink with a frost finish. Dior lipsticks are quite expensive, but this one is worth the money. It lasts really long and is super comfortable to wear. I normally don't like lipsticks with a frost finish, but this one looks so lovely and not old lady like. A fresh color that brightens up my summer days. 

I've kept the eyes neutral and added a bit of MAC's Supercontinental blush which goes perfectly with Diorama. 

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  1. Lovely Simone!!! The color fits you perfectly :) You are glowing so much!!!
    Are you changing to blonde again? :)
    Your lips are big! <3

  2. Simply beautiful!
    Btw your new version of the Blog-photo looks really nice, too!

    So, I wanted to ask you a question:
    I know you move-makeup-series is over, but could you do the look Lily Collins wears in "The Mortal Instruments"?
    I think it looks so simple and beautiful, but i can't make it suitable for my very light skin and hair. That would be really great, but only if you have the time. :)

  3. Stunning! Very natural makeup, I love it!

    Natalia xo


  4. Sweet as always! Lovely look, Simone! Rio de Janeiro is missing you....♥

  5. Anonymous16.8.13

    the lipstick are really beautiful it looks fresh and give you a natural look.:D
    take care Smoon.

  6. You are very beautiful ;-)

  7. Simone, you have such type of face that all colours of lipsticks, eyeshadows, clothes, hair etc suits you :) It' s amazing! :)

  8. beautiful color of lipstick Simone! :)

  9. This is a lovely color! it is really hard to find a nice frost finish lipstick that doesn't look like it's for grandmas... but what I loved the most was the blush! great combination of colors :D

  10. OMG! you are beautiful!

    lipsticks with frost finish makes remember me my grandma's lipstick,BUT this is different and pretty beautiful ^^, I really really like the color and is nor very outlandish, just how I like lipsticks :)

    PD: Simo, do you have any advice for dry lips? I got sick two months ago, and since that, my lips are extremely dry :( , I've tried with 3 products but without results, and I don't wanna use another one because it could be worst...

  11. This colour is great for your lips ;) Hah, thanks Simone, Now I know what should I buy for my next summer trip ;D This lipstick is just perfect! ;)

    Marentora :)

  12. This is really nice. I often overlook pinks when I probably shouldn't. I should certainly incorporate some more pinkish colors to my collection! When is that sweet baby coming?