Fruity Phone

by 17.8.13

My iPhone has gotten a new outfit. For a long time I had an iPhone purse as a case, but that was becoming a bit dirty and I was longing for a new look. I carried my phone without any case and didn't want to try my luck any longer. When these fall on the floor, they won't survive the fall.

I knew I wanted some fun colors and found these two from iprotect on Very inexpensive and loads of colors to choose from. The cases are very light weight and fit snugly around the iPhone. For flash photography they aren't that great, but I never use the flash only for a torch and there it has the cool effect that the see through sides are lit as well.

So far I am still keen in the yellow case, the red one will be my color for fall.

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  1. Colourful them! Mine is red with little crystals in it *-*

    Natalia xo

  2. Good morning Simone :) Looks very fresh and fruity :) Makes me have a fruit basket today! New fresh looks are allways good for the soul :) I have a flowered case in wite with wonderful orchids around it. Normaly all day but maybe you got me to buy something fresh and more colourful! Thanks a lot my dear :D
    Hope all is well with you three? Enjoy the rest of your time and have a great sunday!

  3. I bought a new phone recently, but it's hard to find a nice case for it, seems like you don't have this problem!
    The yellow one is really lovely :)

  4. So cute, I love the colours, and made me think that I need a new phone haha the one I have is very old and I only use it to listen to music.

  5. It had to be yellow!! haha they are very cool, Sisi :)
    Love the new style of your blog!!
    Looking forward for a baby blog<3

  6. Nice cases!! I've an Iphone 5 and the cases are still pretty expensive, but I'm sure the prices will drop soon and the variety will be bigger :)
    Hope to hear more from you soon! Is everything going right these last days? The whole Epica community is super-excited hahaha!!! So... when you give birth to this wonderful baby, think of all of us fingers crossing worldwide :)
    Kisses from NL :)

  7. Hi Simone :)
    Love the cases and colours!!
    Could you say sex of the baby? I'm dying of intrigue

    Love you! Kisses from argentina <3

  8. Rosie8.6.14

    Happy colours, love it.