Everyday Make Up Storage

by 28.1.14

Beauty posts/videos about make up storage and collections are some of my favorites. 

I'd like to show you my everyday make up and how I store it in my writing desk/beauty desk. The one I have was the last one in the shop and is not for sale anymore. It has some defects, but I didn't care about that. Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo) posted once a picture of her beauty desk and it was similar to mine. I really liked the design and find if practical for every day use. 

To organize my make up, I used lids from boxes and taped them to the desk so that they wouldn't move around. I was quite happy with this system, but wanted something else. A lot of shop offer draw dividers and baskets at this moment. You can find them everywhere. What caught my attention were the draw dividers from 'Hema'. For €10 you get one pack of 6 dividers. I got myself two packs and started puzzling to see how they would fit in my drawer.

How do you organize your make up?



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  1. Nice storage :) May I ask you what's your favourite fragrance, Smoon? :*

  2. Leuk om te zien dat je je Nars producten naast die van Catrice hebt liggen. Een goed product hoeft niet duur te zijn. Ik vind het erg mooie bakjes van de Hema. Misschien dat ik er ook nog wat mee kan doen, want ik ben ook niet zo tevreden met mijn everyday bakje.

  3. Hi Simone,
    well that's a nice and efficient way of organizing make up. :-)
    My make up is organized like this: put different beauty bags and boxes together with many eyeshadows and mascaras and perfums combined with two lamps and a mirror altogether in one big chaos on a desk and tadaa: there you have my beauty desk. ;-) I think it was a quite good idea to hide my beauty desk behind the closet... Maybe I should think of a better system for that too. ;-)
    Have a nice day, dear.

  4. This is very practical and good for keeping everything organized! I want to buy one like that for myself when I'll finally have more place for myself. For some reason I thought you have much more make-up than this :P
    You showed big amount of products you own so far.

  5. Wow Simone! That's a lot of makeup, very well organized indeed. I say it's a lot because I only have a luxury eyes shades palette in brown by Guerlain, a regular eye shades in brown as well by Maybelline, another palette in black and white and a turquoise Maybelline eye shadow. Of course a few lipsticks and colors from Lush, I really like how you can mix them with the balm (my lips get very dry with the heat, the weather is 31 Celsius degrees at least every day, sometimes go up to 34…aaaaand the humidity). In the organizing part you won, I have them all in a little counter on the wall, with sparkling purple paper. I don’t fancy using make up, only in the eyes, you see. ^^ However, considering all the different styles you pull up, it’s not that much make up stored. I preferred the way you had it before, it looks good now with the plastic storage and seems a lot easier to clean. Cheers from Panama, have a lovely day ^^ Van.

  6. wow, amazing collection of cosmetics :) Posts and video about make up storage and collections its my favorite too :)
    Kisses :*

  7. Sehr schöner Schminktisch. Natürlich sieht die jetzige Lösung eleganter aus, aber fand es vorher auch nicht schlimm. Wenn man es zuklappt sieht es ja niemand. :-) Müsste bei mir auch mal mehr System reinbringen. Das reinste Schlachtfeld. :-)

  8. Anonymous28.1.14

    Hello dear,
    well i have my makeup on a box it is pretty and util (but is more little than yours) when i travel i use one more big. i have a lot of make up (sometimes is a problem) but not always use the same so i use a lot of boxes and bags for keep them clean and organized.

    Regards :3

  9. Paradise! You have a good amount for an Everyday Make Up Storage :P LOVE IT!!! Do you still use Essence, soft touch mousse makeup?

  10. Really loved these draw dividers. How do you store your lipsticks?

  11. Big make up storage, cool.
    I like to use old or new tin boxes.

  12. This is so perfect! I love the box lid idea as a cheap way to organize makeup. Totally useful post, considering my makeup is literally thrown randomly in a drawer. Time to try this out!

  13. Hi Simone! :)
    I like having all my makes in the same place, next to each other to facilitate when I'm in a hurry (something very trivial), then let them all in one big drawer, which eventually gets messy. : P
    Have pencils and brushes leave them in a pen holder on the table is where the drawer. :)

  14. I have one little box with all my makeup in it. I also still own my "jip en janneke" etui I got for my 7th birthday. That's my brush storage. I don't wear much make-up, because my skin is mixed and I get lots of bleackheads which infect literally in a day. So one day of looking good and a month long the opposite.

    I really hope I get more space soon and I'll be able to organize my make-up like you. It's practical!! And since I'm a huge sloven I have to keep everything as organized as possible (and for others it will still look like one big mess :) )

  15. Maybe you could show us your entire collection someday? Would love that :)

  16. Ik heb een handig houten kastje met 6 laatjes waarin ik mijn make-up bewaar, volgens mij van de Ikea. Een laatje voor oogschaduw, laatje voor potloden en liners, werkt heel makkelijk! Hij wordt alleen nu iets aan de kleine kant, hihi!

  17. I have only a medium-size make up bag and a plastic glass with the Rammstein on it for my make up brushes:D I know it's too simple..:P

  18. OMG! This is only your "every day make up"??? Wowwww!! I can imagine your entire collection! You're a lucky girl ;)
    I have a lot of boxes of many sizes, but I don't have a desk to display them :(

    Love ♥

  19. Wow you really have looooooots of make up!! Do you manage to use them all?

  20. Naar die ladeverdelers van de HEMA ga ik ook nog op zoek, want die lijken me erg handig! Leuk om zo ook gelijk je stash een beetje te zien. Mooie producten liggen erbij!

  21. I use the Ikea "Moppe" drawers to store make-up I'm not using at the moment and I use a small red basket to store my daily make-up. Ikea has a very similar dressing table called "Ransby" but it doesn't have the storage space like yours does where the mirror is. I'm thinking about getting it because the desk I have at the moment is very old and I fancy a new one :-)

  22. I like you storage kit. :-)

    I also keep my "teasures" organized and I've blogged about it. ;-)

  23. Anonymous23.5.14

    nice i relly love what you did for me is very difficult organize my makeup but you give me a great idea thanks

  24. Nice, organized collection :)
    I really like this kind of organizers, but they're more expensive:



    So, for now, I do what I can with my shelf :)


    Lots of Love from Serbia :*