Smells like Smoonstyle #3 Eau des Merveilles - Hermes

by 14.1.14

Today I was going through my perfume collection. I was in the mood for something more season appropriate and decided to go for Hermes 'Eau des merveilles' eau de toilette. 

The story behind why I got this perfume some years ago. 

I was on a flight from Sao Paulo back to Amsterdam after the Mayan tour. The stewardess which was on that flight always left this very mysterious perfume trail behind when she passed by. I asked her what it was and she said Hermes 'Eau des Merveilles'. I knew I had to have it.

Top notes – Cedar, Veviter and Oak
Middle notes – Ambergris
Base notes – Lemon, Orange, Elemi and Pink Pepper

The 'Eau des Merveilles' eau de toilette is quite strong and might not be everybody's cup of tea. I like to wear it during autumn and winter, but I spray it on my clothes or scarf. This scent develops different on my skin and I prefer how it smells on my clothes.

Do any of you spray perfume on your clothes instead of on the skin? I'm curious!

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  1. Yes! i do it with my clothes all the time. I love Specially the Chanel's 'Chance', is my favorite :)

  2. I love Midnight Poison by Dior on my clothes and not so much on my skin, very strong, with the smell of black roses on it, it has a very unique scent. I bought it due to the wonderful commercial with Eva Green running on beautiful Galliano desings to the sound of Muse, the scent is definetely as enchanting as the tv add. Have you tried it Simone? :)

  3. My favourite it's La vie est belle (Lancôme) i love it soo much!

  4. Hi Simone,

    Sometimes I spray my parfume on my clothes.
    Especially when its possible that my skin will meet the sun (: So I don't get any spots in my neck.
    I also dare to spray it on my hair.
    I will definitely go to the shop and smell Eau Des Merveilles.
    You made me so curious!
    I love it that you share the (top, middle and base notes from the parfume, eau des toilettes) with us. I find that very interesting!

    xx Caroline

  5. Yes I do, I think it stays longer when it is on the clothes
    and I think too much perfume on the skin is not very good for the skin !
    Have a nice week Simone

  6. Anonymous14.1.14

    Hallo! :)
    Well i like the fragance 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera, but i put it on my clothes because i think that smell better that in my skin. One perfume that i always use is OMNIA CRYSTALLINE by BVLGARI smells delicious is my favorite... I recommend it.

    Love you. :3

  7. I like to spread 'Love Love Love' by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada on my scarves; however I do spray it on my skin. I love it!

  8. It depends; sometimes I spray on both sides of my neck and and one wrist, then rub the other wrist with the one with perfume on, and sometimes I only spray on my clothes. I suppose it depends on how strong the perfume is as to weather I spray on my clothes or not for a longer-lasting scent.

  9. Never seen this perfume before but I will surely look after it sometime. You made me curious about its scent! The bottle is so pretty!!

  10. Yep I have to spray the Channel Allure Sport in my skin beside the channel allure is more citric and prefer on my clothes

  11. Yes, I usually spray perfume both on clothes and me because I like my clothes to smell the same way I do. ;-)

  12. Not clothes, but occasionally I will do hair :)

  13. I use a lot "Eau des Merveilles" in winter on my skin too. This scent developps great on my skin and I espacialy love the middles notes... In spring I often use "Trésor Midnight Rose" If you do not know this one, you should have a smell to it: really fresh and feminine... :)

  14. Hi Simone, I almost never spray perfume on my skin, I don't want all those chemicals to go on in! I juste spray it on my clothes!

  15. Ik spuit mijn parfum altijd op mijn kleding. Ik ben er helaas allergisch voor. Maar op mijn kleding ruikt het beter en blijft het veel langer zitten! :-D Soms doe ik het ook een beetje door mijn haar. Ideaal!

  16. I never spray perfume on my skin.
    My favourite scents are Amor Amor by Cacharel and Burberry Sport.

  17. Yeah! I love perfume *-* I don't know exatcly how much I have but my parents and friends always give me one, I think that I have 7 perfume.
    I usually spray Honeysuckle Belle by Victoria's Secret in my skin. I love this perfume, it's delicate and very sweet.
    And for my clothes, I like to spray Ekos Castanha do Pará by Natura. Also, I put bath soap in my wardrobe this prevent some insects and spreads the sweet fragance on my stuff.

  18. Anonymous15.1.14

    I know this perfume...i like almost all parfums from hermes, they are very particular my favorite it's caleche, not a very new and young one...^^ a parfum that i'm wearing a lot now is elie saab it's sweet but remains very delicate and elegant it's not the classic sweet parfum that make you feel sick, and this one i like to wear it on clothes and skin !! you're right to wear some parfums on clothes cause with the ph of the skin changes completly, for example I love the parfum scent from costume national but on my skin smells horribile so I have to wear it on my clothes..

  19. Hey Simone :)
    I also spray it on my clothes, I have a lot of dance classes and so it just doesn't make sense to spray anything on my body. It felt weird at first but I got used to it ;)

  20. Hi Simone! You've made me curious about that scent, so I'll go to a store and check it. I also spray it on my clothes, sometimes I spray it on me and sometimes on the clothes, mostly if I use the Organza by Givenchy (my grandmother gave it to me but it's notes are bit strong for me) and also I like to keep a Vanilla sachet on the wardrobe, I don't looove vanilla but it's really soft and it gives a different touch to my clothes, specially my dresses :)

  21. I spray perfumes on my clothes because I'm prone to migraines and scents sprayed on my skin will usually trigger a terrible day-long headache. The bottle this perfume comes in is very cute.

  22. Hey Simone (and other readers :) )
    I mostly spray the perfume on my wet hair after a shower or on my clothes. I got a very fat skin on my breast with lots of acne, so it burns like hell if one drop slides down...
    My favourite right now is a lovely pink bottle from/or it's called "Repetto". Sweet, but powerful.
    For those dark days I also prefer Diesel's Loverdose, which I got 2 christmases ago and it's still half full^^
    I also have a eau de parfum from Indigo fragrances which is called "Lovely Rose". Unfortunately, I got this of a friend of mine on a birthday and I've never seen it in the stores again :(

    Long story, but I hope y'all got some more scents to try^^

  23. I just got the La vie est Belle by Lancôme from my boyfriend for christmas and it definitely is my favorite perfume at the moment! :-) I might try spraying it on my scarf as well, that's a goog idea!

  24. of course I do! Everytime! haha really! it is better because you will smell all day long! and if you lend your clothes, like your scarf, to your friends, they will automatically love you haha

  25. i always spray perfume on my clothes .seems like it's everybody's littel secret !