Glam Matte

by 24.7.14

A liquid lipstick is something I prefer over the normal lip gloss. Non sticky, super pigmented and opaque.

The new L'Oreal Glam Matte Intense Matte Lipgloss is supposed to stay for 6 hours and have a matte finish.

I love the applicator which is heart shaped. It gets the product on really fast and quite accurate.
It smells fruity, feels super soft and velvety on the lips, but it is not matte. At least not the kind of matte finish I'd wish for. It doesn't dry and turn in to a matte finish. It stays glossy.

The colors are super trendy, I would just have chosen a different name for it.

Which one do you like the most? I normally reach out to reds, but the pink one is growing on me as well!

Ok, this post features the word matte 8 times and the product is nothing but matte. Oops, 9 times.

I'm slowly going mad ;)

PS. If you blot the lipgloss, it will turn more into a matte stain. (nr. 10)


Skinny Tangerine and Cherry Crop
Cherry Crop
Skinny Tangerine

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  1. I totally love both, I'll try them

    they look gorgeous in you :D

  2. Ana Célia Wanderley24.7.14

    Simone you already tried the super stay 24h by Maybelline?

  3. Anonymous24.7.14

    It's not definitely matte but both colours are pretty. I prefer the skinny tangerine colour because it has a touch of red and I don't like pink =p.

    I remenber I used to have these lipgloss a long time ago but nowadays I don't use them anymore. I prefer the lipsticks =)

    What I dying to know is your skin care routine. Your skin looks like a velvet. Could you post something about it?

    A big huge for you and your family,

    Daniela V.

  4. I love a matte finish.. but you're right this lip gloss isn't matte. If you wanted a matte finish minus the gloss try the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm. I know in one of your blogs/videos I saw that you're a sucker for lip stains and balm. The Revlon Colorburst Matte balm does the works and it has a cooling effect once applied to your lips. Good luck smoon! See you in Los Angeles soon! <333


    ps. (used the word "matte" - 5x)

    pps. (oops, i meant 6. haha!)

  5. These look so stunning! I haven't seen these in the states yet, but I hope they arrive soon!

  6. It looks nice, even do it's not matte at the start, because I also read that it becomes more matte if you dry the gloss, in my opinion the best matte is a Mac classic: Ruby Woo. It doesn´t matter how many times you apply it on your lips, it always look matte and stunning. (Too many "matte" in my comment as well... haha.)

  7. Omg why you so perfect? hehe regards...

  8. Anonymous25.7.14

    They both look gorgeous on you. But they aren't matte xD
    What blush are you wearing? It looks so natural and nice!

  9. Anonymous25.7.14

    Simone write a post about your baby Vincent!how is he like,what he likes doing and stuff like that,please!!

  10. Pink isn't something we often see on you, but I think you should definitely wear it more often--that pink is absolutely stunning on you!

  11. Isabelle27.7.14

    Which foundation are you using in this picture? I love how it looks on you and I'm thinking of buying it or something similar. Judging by your pictures, we both have the same skin tone and buying foundation for light skin is a pain where I live. The only ones that I've found makes my skin look orange.

  12. Hmmm... definitely going to pick up the red shade today and give it a try!

  13. Simone, als je voor een matte finish gaat zou je eens de Rouge Edition Velvet van Bourjois moeten proberen. Het is één van mijn favorieten en voelt super luchtig aan op je lippen. :-)