My Holidays in Germany

by 21.7.14

Germany is and will probably always be on of my favorite holiday destinations.

Some time ago I had my friends over from the Netherlands. We packed our bags and went to the same hotel in Todtmoos, which is close to the Titisee. Oliver and me were there 2 summers back and loved it so much that we went back there again.

The second part of our holidays took place at the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart. A must see when you are in Stuttgart. Besides all the animals, they have beautiful gardens to roam through. I've been here at least 4 times already.

What are your favorite animals to visit when you are at the Zoo?


The gardens of the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart.
Monkey Lounging.
After coming out of the 'Monkey House' I posed with some serious 'mama gorilla' face. Gotta protect the little ones.
Wait, a giraffe with 8 legs? If you look closely you'll see that this was a lucky shot.
Schluchsee, the neighbor of the Tititsee at the Black Forest.
Overlooking the Titisee.
My two kabouters.
Op een grote paddestoel...
Same mushrooms like 2 years ago.
Caught a bunny doing a number 2. (Not a real bunny, it's part of the (Zauberwaldpfad in Todtmoos)

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  1. Jessie21.7.14

    i don't have a fav animal if i go to the zoo...for me are all animals cute and i'm relaxed if i can watch them.
    but never i would take a look to the spiderhouse *ahaha* would you..or have you? :D

  2. cool pics i like the mushrooms ones

  3. Thanks for sharing nice place and you are perfect kisses

  4. One of my dreams is to visit the Black forest, thanks for sharing the experience again! Now, I'm sure that this place is amazing.

    P.s: Congrats for the pictures. Great singer, great photographer!

  5. Fantastic and beauiful place :) love the mushrooms :3

  6. Hi Simone! ♥
    I loved every picture! It looks so peaceful!
    I like the Meerkats :)

    Love ♥
    Fashions Streets Blog

  7. So, I love seeing tigers! They're awesome! In general all the big cats. :) Unfortunately, the nearest Zoo is not the best place for these beautiful animals.
    Lovely place and cute photos. :) I'm happy to see you with your family having great time together. Enjoy the rest of holiday dear! <3
    I'm sending love to you and your beloved ones, Julia from Poland!

  8. Thank you for sharing the story with us. I love it when you lose it and make funny faces. I personally love eatching the monkeys jumping and playing but I love lions the most. Unfortunately, in zoos, they seem so sad. Not the best place for them. Kisses!

  9. Anonymous21.7.14

    I have always liked zoo's.
    Growing up I went to the Bronx Zoo quite a few times.
    Older and living in NY I did work on the Queens Zoo, that was cool.
    Here in NC we have an absolutely wonderful zoo I have not been to since my son was younger....12 years or better. I keep saying I will do a fall day trip, but some how, always seem to be too busy. Though just like every year, I will promise myself to make the effort once again...and one day it will happen. :)

    - Lek

  10. Anonymous21.7.14

    Lovely pics dear Simone =)

    I really enjoy my time when I am at the Zoo. I am addicted to animals. I grew up with several pets in my house. So I am used to go to the Zoo ever since I was a little girl. I don't have a specific animal at the Zoo. I love them all.

    By the way, this is zoo is absolutely amazing. What a beautiful landscape and perfect gardens.

    A big hug for you, Oliver, Vinnie and Minou.

    Daniela V.

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  12. I'd be really happy if you can post a "Must See Places in Stuttgart or generally in Germany". Not like zoos (I'm against zoos) but mostly parks or nature or even places to hang out.
    Thanks and cheers!

  13. very nice shots Simone :3
    Well i like to see Tigers, bears, giraffes, monkeys, macaws, i think all.. I just love them, but im against animal enclosing.
    But it seems a beautiful place for enjoy the holidays :)

  14. this is so adorable! i love seeing little family pictures you take! the mama gorilla one is priceless haha! :)

    from your fan katrena!! :D

  15. Simone! Thanks for share these beautiful pictures with us
    You should come to Costa Rica! :)

  16. Beautiful photos Simone. I also like the new layout :D
    have fun

  17. I love these kind of posts! so nice to see these beautiful places and fun experiences you tell us about :)
    You never told us what's your favorite animal to visit at the zoo but I guess it would be the monkey or maybe the gorilla? ;)
    I'm really into seeing the birds actually :P not everyone's favorite haha...

  18. Pavel23.7.14

    So beautiful pics shots of so beautiful places) Come to visit to Russia. There are many great places here too (Altai for example).
    I like wolves and wild cats (lions, tigers, panthers etc.)

  19. Ich liebe die Wilhelma! Ich war jeden Sommer dort, als ich noch in Stuttgart gewohnt habe.
    Und am tollsten ist natürlich die Seelöwenfütterung. Sie sind einfach wahnsinnig süß. Ansonsten ist für mich das Aquarium dort immer ein Muss, die Schmetterlinge und die Pinguine. Ach und natürlich die Erdmännchen!

  20. I was in the Wilhelma when I was little :) I love seeing animals :) My favorites are all kind of small and big cats and anteaters <3 Have you ever seen a baby anteater? My boyfriend works in the berlin zoo from time to time beside his studying and he showed me a little anteater. It´s so cute <3 So I recommend the Berlin Zoo or the Tiergarten :) Maybe there is some time left in January when you do the show in the c-club?
    The Titisee is good for swimming, too ;) Baden-Württemberg has so many beautiful places. When you have time, visit Donaueschingen or the Triberg waterfalls. The long walk is hard but it´s very profitable. Have nice summer days with your family, friends and the guys my dear!

    Hughs from Berlin,

    PS: I love your pictures! They always have a very special atmosphere.

  21. Te Amo (I love you) ❤️

  22. Nice pictures :). I love elephants and lions. But it makes me sad that they're not in their natural habitat. By the way, I can't wait to see you in Colombia. <3

  23. I went there in 2012. I'll never forget the polar bear and the owls.
    Some places in this zoo (your first photo) looks like Alice in Wonderland.

  24. Oh my god, I didn't know you are blogging. That's so cool. Wilhelma is my second home, because I'm studying Biology in Stuttgart and I often have to go there to study animals. It's not far away from my home! :) Nice that you like it here. :)

  25. Germany has so many interesting places to see. I'm planning a trip to Cologne soon, probably driving from Amsterdam... can't wait! :D

  26. Amazing images friend! It present you have really to go there. I really like it. I'm tourist and have been visited many places in the world. I also going in Germany last year during my tour new year. It has covered a lot of attraction for visiting all visitors and see the natural beauty of God.