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by 29.8.14

ZOEVA recently came out with new lipsticks, and as a lipstick lover, I was very interested in them. I received three lipsticks to show to you guys!

The 'Luxe Cream Lipsticks' are described as a long wearing creamy lipstick that is very hydrating, full of pigmentation. Some of the ingredients are ivy, mellow and elderflower. They are VEGAN. Always a great plus! There are 6 colors in total, all of them have a cream finish. They very from a beige nude to a beautiful cool red. They contain 3,8 grams and retail for €8,50.

Let me talk about the packaging. It is super sleek metal and has a magnetic lock. The packing surely does have that luxurious feeling to it!

My three picks:
  • 03 Melting Kisses a warm mellow pink
  • 04 Venus Phase an orangy coral
  • 05 Floral Crown a bright pink

I applied them with a MAC cosmetics 231 small shader brush. It is my all time favorite lip brush. I can basically throw away all the other official lip brushes and just marry this one!

The formula is very slippery and super buttery. They need to be handled with care. I can imagine that in summer, these could easily break when applied directly from the bullet. Keeping them in the fridge might be a good idea.

The pigmentation is really opaque. With one layer you are set to go. As far as color goes, I find them a bit on the chalky side. They kind of remind me of the pastel neon trend that has been going on lately.

03 Melting Kisses - 04 Venus Phase - 05 Floral Crown
03 Melting Kisses - 04 Venus Phase - 05 Floral Crown
03 Melting Kisses - 04 Venus Phase - 05 Floral Crown
03 Melting Kisses - 04 Venus Phase - 05 Floral Crown
03 Melting Kisses - 04 Venus Phase - 05 Floral Crown
03 Melting Kisses up close
04 Venus Phase
05 Floral Crown

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  1. Tímea Maščáková29.8.14

    They all look really great, I might as well try them. Haven't you changed your hair color recently? It looks really beautiful :)

  2. Daniela Sanjur29.8.14

    Beautiful colors!! How long do they last on the lips?

  3. Harlow30.8.14

    I'm crazy about their lipsticks. I use Icon for myself. It's a very strong red lip, which works well for my darker skintone.

    They also have a really great eyebrow pencil.

  4. Jessie Line30.8.14

    It looks so beautiful and its vegan??? Wow...a must have for me and i'm not a fashion girl :D thanks for inspire me Simone ♥ see you in november ;)

  5. Eff Fobia30.8.14

    Hi Simone, I'd like to request a post about your on stage makeup, I've seen your concert pictures with blue eyeshadow which really pops out your eyes in an amazing way. I'd love to see how you do that makeup, like in the videos you upload and know which products you use.

  6. Torbellino Mental30.8.14

    Beautiful colors and tones for summer! Great blog baby!

  7. Julia Stopczyk30.8.14

    It looks really amazing on your lips Simone! :)

  8. Massiel30.8.14

    Im in love with the Venus phase. Looks so pretty :)

  9. melissaxo31.8.14

    One thing I don't have is a powder, which is important for us girls with t-zone problems. I will definitely check out these Hourglass powders at Sephora soon! They seem magical.

  10. Beautiful colors !! especially on matte color hmmm

  11. All Lipstick look amazing on you. I would wear the pink one. The others don't match to my complexion.. :/

  12. Björn1.9.14

    My absolute favourite place Southern Germany I know is certainly the isle of Mainau in the Lake Constance, close to the border to Austria - you should have a look at it if you like gardens and cultivated nature. While I am not usually into that kind of thing, that island is truly amazing. Plus, it's run by a Countess and a Count (brother and sister, Swedish nobility).

    Not sure whether they're into heavy metal and let a Epica run a show there, but once they get to meet you I can't imagine they'll say no. No one with such sense for beauty could possibly do that.

    As for favourite animals - I really like cougars. I don't like to see them in cages, but I must admit, it helps preventing being confused with prey. The tallest of all small cats, gifted with power, litheness and a grace beyond what any actual big cat (leopard, lion, tiger) could hope for. I even prefer their shyness over the almost canine ingratiation of big cats.

  13. Yanina Nara2.9.14

    Hello simone! I from to argentina and i listen to music all the day because i calm down. Sorry for my bad english.
    You are beautiful and i like so much your style !

  14. Great colors. Beautiful tones!

  15. Dana Gomez15.9.14

    I love Zoeva products, the brushes are absolutely amazing, gotta try the makeup!

  16. Evert28.1.15

    I like panthers, falcons, lions, white tigers,