by 2.9.14

SmoonStyle has its fourth birthday today! Hurray!

Exactly four years ago I typed my first blog post. A simple post with a picture of a gorgeous sky in Warsaw, Poland.

I wanted to share my love for all the things that interest me. SmoonStyle still is a blog that I love to update, but unfortunately my priorities lie somewhere else at the moment. Hence the low amount of blog posts. Don't worry, I will still continue to be present here.

A huge thanks goes to Rebecca Brayman for sticking with me. She has poured a lot of genius creativity into my blog and later on to the EPICA website. Thank you!

Last but not least, another huge thanks goes to all the readers! How I enjoy your support and when fans tell me in person that they like to read my blog. Even some husbands have confessed they read my blog to then show their wives.

SmoonStyle is close to hitting 6,000,000 views and has 3,474 followers. To celebrate this birthday, I will give away 4 beauty bags with my favorite KRYOLAN products.

  •  Follow me on the Blog (Friend Connect widget below), Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • #smoonstyle4years your artwork of SmoonStyle or EPICA-related content on Twitter and Instagram

I will pick four winners by the 2nd of October. Contest is worldwide! Good luck!


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  1. Julia Stopczyk2.9.14

    Congratulations Simone! ♥ I really love your blog and I enjoy reading your posts. :) They're awesome! Keep going strong and don't worry about your less activity here, we all understand you and we will be with you anyway!
    Love from Poland, Julia! ;)

  2. Zuzu2.9.14

    <3 congratulations, love from Cyprus :) xxx

  3. Clayton Derby2.9.14

    Yes I read your blog too and yes I am a guy myself :p ghehe. Love when your on tour and post the pics of your days of. And your recipes and dishes are very smultastic too (hah, woord van de dag!).


  4. Noelia Perez2.9.14

    yaayyy!! congratulations Simone!! and Vicent too!! i wish you the best, and it's good to know that you will continue blogging, because a I love read your post, specially the reviews and looks! :)

  5. Michael Tetzner2.9.14

    Congratulations Simone! I`m one of these husbands :D

  6. Erkuden Basabe Olabarri2.9.14

    Congratulations Simone!! I follow you on Facebook, Instagram and here. I hope I get one of those bags of your blog anniversary.
    Love from Spain.

  7. Chatrìona Hardage2.9.14

    Congrats Simone, I love your blog!! :)

  8. Fanni Kerékgyàrtò2.9.14

    More posts! OMG!! Vinnie is almost 1 year old!!! ...how time flies...Love from Hungary! :)

  9. Tom Simons Camps2.9.14

    Congratulations Simons!

  10. Fernanda Menezes2.9.14

    4 years! :) Congratulations! and there will be many more!!
    Love from Brazil!

  11. Juan Gabriel2.9.14

    *-* Espero que le guste ♥

  12. Patrick Adams2.9.14

    Congratulations on four years! I've been reading your blog for a few years and I absolutely love it! I find it just so fitting that you announce a giveaway when I've been planning on recreating one of your makeup looks (talk about perfect timing lol).

  13. Lujan2.9.14

    Congratulations!!! So the winners you´re gonna pick up are just by following you on TW INTG and this blog? Nothing else?

  14. Oriana2.9.14

    First of all: Congrats to Vincent and to you!
    Vincent is just 3 months younger than my nephew Viviana <3

    I have a question: we need to follow you on the blog AND on facebook AND on twitter AND on instagram???
    'cause I follow your blog since the beginning and i follow you on facebook but I don't have twitter and don't use instagram...... so it's useless to try, right?

  15. Ivy Lledo2.9.14

    yay 4 years of smoon! hope many more to come! I enjoy your blog posts so much that my make-up haul is pretty much smoonstyled out! :D thanks for the 4 wonderful years and more power to you and to Epica! See you in Los Angeles in November! :)

  16. Pamela Paz2.9.14

    Congratulations Simone, I'm already participating in the raffle hopefully get lucky.

  17. juani2.9.14

    amazing as always simone. greatings from argentina !

  18. Pamela2.9.14

    Congrats Simone! and Vincent too :D!!! I enjoy reading your post, I follow you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and here, aaaand Epica too!

    I hope to see you soon at an upcoming tour :D kisses!

  19. Congratulations Simone!
    We have the same year in the blogosphere! ♥
    The truth is I am very happy that someone shares the same passion for fashion and metal music! It may seem all very far when you're a known person, but to read your blog, it feels like you're a friend of a lifetime!
    I'm going to participate in the contest because I love Kryolan products!


  20. Congratulations Simone! For many years, also the baby Vincent! I follow the band and you for all social networks.

  21. María3.9.14

    I'm a bit slow with technology so ammm... How do I know I'm already following you on your blog? :s

  22. Massiel3.9.14

    Congrats Simone, i read your blog from Dominican Republic. I love your beauty tips, the recipes you post. I love everything of SmoonStyle. :3

  23. Jennifer Ospina3.9.14

    Congratulation simone ... I read your blog every time you post one, it's nice to hear that smoonstyle is 4 years.the time past too fast! Enjoy the life with family and friends they are the most important... and Yes I follow you on twitter Facebook and here ;) love and kisse from colombia

  24. Jennifer Ospina3.9.14

    Congratulations Simone ... I read your blog every time you post one, it's nice to hear that smoonstyle is 4 years. The time past too fast! Enjoy the life with family and friends they are the most important... Yes I follow you on twitter Facebook and here.
    Love and kisse from Colombia and I hope see you soon in latin america tour with Epica! So happy birthday and this is a little present for you ;)

  25. Fernanda Laura3.9.14

    Congratulations simone by 4 years of the blog! I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I follow you by facebook, Instagran and here. Love your posts about makeup, fashion, travel and Epica course! It is very important for me to have this contact with you, because it seems we met in person! Love U!

  26. dhaganda3.9.14

    I'm your biggest fan..!!! woooh congratulations <3

  27. Ginevra Giorgi3.9.14

    Congratulation Sisi <3

  28. beren113.9.14

    Happy birthday to SmoonStyle (and to little Vincent, just one more month to go Simone ;) )

  29. Ira / saturnineindetails3.9.14

    Happy Birthday SmoonStyle. Keep it going :) Love reading all the stuff!


  30. Natalia Agustina3.9.14

    Happy Birthday, Smoonstyle blog.
    I love your blog, I read it whenever I can.
    And if I may, let me thank you and your blog, and decided to study Professional Make up artist and received me. You were a great inspiration to me and I'll be forever grateful.
    Keep it up with your blog and your career. And congratulations to Vincent too.
    You really deserve everything you have, you're a great person and I wish the best.
    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  31. Viktorija Olimpija Rakūnaitė3.9.14

    This blog is amazing, Simone! I really enjoy reading it :) Can't wait to see you perform again in London :) The show in 2012 blew my mind

  32. Paula3.9.14

    Congratulations Simone, I always see your posts from Chile, I love your blog !! ♥ you're great: D do not worry because you have a lot of activity, we will always be for you ... ♥ !!!! affection from Chile Paula

  33. elodie3.9.14

    love youuu

  34. elodie3.9.14

    bientôt à la laiterie Strasbourg j'ai hâte!! <3

  35. I love your blog, keep writing! Congratulations and kisses! ;* <3 :D

  36. María, at the very bottom of this site (third column widget) you'll see a 'Join this Site' button. Click it and follow the directions to follow SmoonStyle. :)

  37. Congratulations! I like reading your blog. Mhhh is Instragram and Twitter the only way to participate? I don't use any of these ....

  38. Tattis Barbosa4.9.14

    Congratulations smoonstyle :D (♫♫, I like you and most of the girls in this blog, we lovemakeup and/or fashion, and I am a lover of the kitchen so I have prepared several things ofwhich you've posted:)... soon I will see you in Colombia and you meet for the first time... Isend lots of hugs.

  39. ReutMetallisydan4.9.14

    Congrats to you blog!!! can't believe it's been 4 years already...
    It means I'm reading here for quite a long time now ;)
    Waiting for many more years to come and blogposts to read about make-up, travelling, Epica and foods!
    Now I have to come up with something for the competition :$

  40. Congratulations Simone! Your blog is AMAZING <3

  41. Cbeacco6.9.14

    Done! I hope you'll like my artwork!
    Congrats by the way :)

  42. Alessia Grandi8.9.14

    Congratulations, I love you, your music and your blog! You're Amazing <3

  43. Paula Desirée9.9.14

    Hello Simone! Congrats on your 4 B-Blog!! :) thanks for this 4 years of beauty, recipes, reviews, and much more! Love reading all the stuff!! Keep it going! I entered on the contest! :) of course it would be a wonderful gift and an honor to win one of these beauty bags!

    x Paula

  44. Yeimy Alejandra Mazo Velez10.9.14

    Congratulations Simone! I am so excited for your amazing talent! I am waiting for you and Epica in Medellín, Colombia on September 19th

  45. Clarence Callahan10.9.14

    congrats Simone, your blog is awesome. keep blogging and enjoy the life :)

  46. Filiz Rüzgar Yılmaz10.9.14

    Hi S!
    I just wonder, where did you buy this watch ring? I want to buy too!
    Best regards from Istanbul.

  47. Monalisa13.9.14

    Four years, wow...time flies! My personal blog has already five years. I wish you all the best! :-)

  48. Consuelo Jorratt13.9.14

    Hi Simone! I wish I could see all the make up you have. I imagine you have it all organized. Greeting from Chile. Come back soon!

  49. Dana Gomez15.9.14

    Congratulation, Simone! Love your blong and been following it since the early moments! Such an inspiration not only as an Epica fan, but by your beauty and talent as MUA. Greetings from Mexico Hope to see you soon again (it was awesome seeing you yesterday :D)

  50. Mari Rojas18.9.14

    Simone you´re reallly amazing! I admire you a lot!

  51. Michelle Rosolem19.9.14

    Yay, Smoon! Congrats for the four years of the blog, for the new amazing album, for the beautiful family and for the love with us sharing your moments and ideas! Keep it amazing! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! =)))

  52. Mari Rojas19.9.14

    Hi Beautiful! I wanna know how do you take care of your colour hair??? any treatment?? Id like to know that routine! cause your redhead always looks amazing!! Let us know that!! <3

  53. Mariele Castán26.9.14

    Simone please make a top of your favorite fragrances of all time and recommend us some fragrances!!! Did you try "SIMONE" by Tocca??? <3 <3 <3 You should launch a fragrance for the metal girls!!! lml lml LOVE YOU SO MUCH SIMONE!!! <3 <3 <3

  54. Mariele Castán26.9.14

    Tell her I love her so much!!!! <3 <3 <3 Mariele Castán from México!!! <3 <3 <3 My blessings for this angel of music!!! :)

  55. Daniela Ballester Arce1.10.14

    Simone , congratulations for another year of your blogg, I admire your beatiful voice, thanks for share all the tips and part of your life with your fans ;), greetings from Bolivia ,love Daniela.

  56. Daniela Ballester Arce1.10.14

    Hope to win ... :)

  57. Luna Siren Corpse2.10.14

    Happy Birthday to little Vincent! Blessings for you all! Regards beautiful Simone! 💋