Deep Purple Diva

by 11.10.14

During fall I love to wear almost black versions of red, purple and blue if that makes sense.

P2 is a great brand to try out fun colors. The price and quality is great. Their 'Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish' appealed to me. I was searching for a deep black purple to complete my nail polish collection and I succeeded!

210 Diva Expressiva is a beautiful, deep purple that was kind of hard to capture on camera. I love it when colors at first look black, but when you take a closer look, you see there is more.

This nail polish needs two coats, the first one is still a medium dark purple, but after the second layer you are 'deep purpled'.

What are your favorite fall nail polishes?

12ml €1,95 available at DM Drogerie


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  1. Geisa Lourenço12.10.14

    Purple is my fav colour for everything!!! I have so many purple nail polishes, clothes, shoes, bags... of different tones. I really loved this deep purple :)
    Kisses Smoon!

  2. Jessie Line12.10.14

    arw yes of course...i use the same and i love it ❤

  3. So funny cause I was talking about P2 the other day on my blog too. I don't live in Germany/Austria but I have a friend that sends me cosmetics from p2 and they are really good!

  4. Pame Montecino13.10.14

    Hi Simone, in Chile we are in autumn spring ... but I tend to use more opaque shades and even colors that allude to the earth, but in my collection of nail polish ever missing the black, dark brown and red tone quite dark.

    It's beautiful and subtle nail polish you've given us, I love !!

    you have a great week, affections from Chile :)

  5. Melanienemo14.10.14

    Hei ! It's a really nice color ! I loove purple it's my favorite color ! I wear only this color on my nails ! I have one as you with some sparkles on, he is super and really comfortable !

  6. Victoria Calypso15.10.14

    Hi, Simone!
    I really adore purple nail polish and I have many lacquers in different shades of purple. But your polish looks so tasty like currant jam! Especially it good looks on your short nails. It's not fully autumn color but, in my opinion, it has no seasons at all. It's a pity that P2 isn't represented in Ukraine but I think this shade can be found in another brands too.
    And what do you think about two-color manicure? Is the two-color manicure for you a fleeting fashion trend or a sign of bad taste?

  7. Sally Martinez.22.10.14

    I'm wearing it! That exact same color! I'm also trying a deep blue and my fav! A deep Xmas green! Love this kind of cold colors, make my hands look a lot more pretty :D greetings from Monterrey México :D! Sally.

  8. This color is really pretty. I have an OPI that is similar to this one :) Perfect for Fall and Winter !