First Birthday Bakes

by 10.10.14

I have seen time grow up into a beautiful little man. A funny, sweet, super energetic, walking and kind of talking Vinceman! One year doesn't seem much for a grown up, but what one year does to a baby is incredible. How they develop and grow every minute, it is a true miracle.

My cameras have been helping me to document his first year. Now the task lies upon me to choose a selection from over 5,500 pictures to make a photo book. It will probably be ready by his second birthday.

To celebrate this milestone in his life, I have been baking non stop for over the last week. The first birthday cake recipe that I found on Buona Pappa was a success. All babies enjoyed it and even wanted more. While baking it, I had to laugh because it looked just like the cake from 'Sleeping Beauty'. It was falling apart and all I heard was 'gently fold in two eggs' haha! It did come together in the end, but it was a funny experience.

I made the cake the evening before and added the toppings the next morning. I decided to do that after seeing that the mini cake was melting the sugar toppings. You learn along the way.

For the party (which was a couple days later) I made cake pops! I love cake pops and thought that it would be a great sweet center piece at a kids birthday party (also for big kids like me).
It was the biggest mess I have ever created whilst baking.

I found a cake pop maker at my local super market and just had to get it. You can find them online as well: Cake Pop Maker

There are several recipes to make cake pops, even some without baking. You have to find your own way, just like how you want to decorate them. I got some toppings just for the party and also used what I had already at home. Be creative, the options are endless!

Aren't they pretty? Would you like some?


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  1. Viktorija Olimpija Rakūnaitė10.10.14

    Wow, these look so yummy! I bet little V was very happy on his birthday :) best wishes to the whole family and here's to another magical year! x

  2. Julia Stopczyk10.10.14

    They're awesome! :) You did great Simone. Hope Vinnie enjoyed his 1st birthday.;)
    Love from Poland!

  3. Karam Dabagh10.10.14


  4. Great work, SImone!! Those look really yummy!

    En alsnog gefeliciteerd met je grote mannetje :)

  5. Erkuden Basabe Olabarri10.10.14

    Happy birthday sweet V!! An amazing work.

  6. Lovely! hugs and love to Vinnie (and his awesome parents) from Mexico. x

  7. Fran Guimarães10.10.14

    I wish a happy birthday for him!!!! and for you, because it's your first year as a mom ;D
    Best wishes your lovely family

    I hope see you soon in Brazil =)

  8. Pame Montecino10.10.14

    Hi Simone! Happy Birthday to the little Vincent :) , best wishes for your life and happiness by lot :). They were beautiful and the cake pops original, I loved !! Greetings from Chile and congratulations to you on this year's growth and be a super mom.


  9. Jessie Line11.10.14

    happy Birthday :-)
    Ich hätte genau JETZT um 0:03 so einen süßen Cake Pop :D bring doch welche nach Luxemburg mit *haha*

    Ich versuche mich kommende Woche einmal an Erdbeer Sahne Torte, drück mir die Daumen das ich es hinbekomme ;) Im backen bin ich immer etwas...naja...schusselig :-)

    Gute Nacht! ❤

  10. Annatar12.10.14

    Cake pops look delicious! I think I will try it one day. This little hand seems to love its cake. ^^ For now, I'm making a pumpkin cake to celebrate autumn with some friends. See you in Strasbourg for the Epica show! Kisses from France. :-)

  11. They look lovely! Did Vince do a "smash the cake" session as well? xD I see some babies having a lot of fun in those and seriously consider doing one myself in my next bday! lol

  12. Paula Melo17.11.14

    Gosh! I do need a cake pop maker!!!