Smells like SMOONSTYLE #4 - NOA by Cacharel

by 14.12.14

Noa by Cacharel eau de toilette has been a perfume I know for years. My mother wears this amongst a couple of other scents, but this one is my preferred perfume and kind of her signature scent. I connect this with her and somehow never really saw it as an individual scent. After my show in Utrecht I stayed at my parents house and decided to give it a try. I liked it so much that I got a 30 ml bottle at the Douglas in Cologne on my way home to Stuttgart. 

I find it a stable scent that doesn't change when I wear it compared to my mother. Maybe it is because we are related, maybe not. 

The notes are white musk (love white musk), peony, pepper, benzoin, incense and coriander. It's design is totally my thing, I love round sleek perfume bottles with not too big lids. Easy to travel and a timeless classic in my world of scents. Good for many that this is very affordable.

Do any of you wear your mothers perfume sometimes? Let me know!

Price: 30ml €19,95


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  1. Malu Dido14.12.14

    Dont´t remember the scent my mother wears, she died when I was a little child. I love to wear always the same scent, when I find the one that fits on me I am loyal to it! I´ve been using Femme from Boss for a very long time and I will use it until it´s no longer manufactured. It is soft, not too perfumed and stays on my skin all day.

  2. Georgia A14.12.14

    I tend to wear my fathers' perfume a lot. He has been wearing KOUROS of YSL since I can remember. He always thought it was too barbaric to weak me up for school by yelling "wake up", so he would always get up ahead of time. shave and come wake me up with his perfume. This perfume is connected to all the memories I have of him. So, when visiting my parents' home, I find myself ignoring my usual Mademoiselle de CHANEL and spraying on KOUROS YSL at every chance I get. I STEAL IT! hahaha

  3. Eva Sêco14.12.14

    That's my perfume!!! give it back! :p

    My mom loves 5th avenue... I'll try to buy it this xmas...

  4. Eva Sêco14.12.14

    Ahahahah when I was younger I loved to use my father's perfume too... usually the male perfumes are more fresh...

  5. My mother likes intense blossom and vanilla smelling scents, but I prefer fruity ones. I've tried her parfumes, but they don't fit me, they don't smell the same. Therefore I stick to my fruity ones. :)

  6. Lucrezia Gentili14.12.14

    My mom loves Chloé roses perfume and I love it as well. It's really delicate! You should try it :)

  7. Viktorija Olimpija Rakūnaitė14.12.14

    I love wearing my mum's j'Adore by Dior whenever I visit her :)

  8. Bruna Sortino14.12.14

    My mom's signature scents are Gabriela Sabatini and Chanel N. 5. I relate to both. She got tired of the Sabatini, so, a couple of months ago, she gave me a fresh bottle she got from my sister. But whenever I'm in the mood for something different, I always go for a splash of her Chanel. But my now favorite is one I got from her on my birthday, Fantasy, by Britney Spears. I love it! And I always have my Victoria Secret's body splash at hand, specially now that is summer time here in Brazil. The scents are perfect, very fresh, light and fruity! :)

  9. Wow, I know this perfume for years..Now I need to smell it again and see if I still like it ;) which I hope I do, since perfumes are soooo expensive.
    My mother loves to change perfumes....but she is like me, we love all Carolina Herrera's perfume, specially the 212 VIP one, so, its our signature scent.

  10. My mom's signature scent is Chanel N 5 i like it but i don't wear it, it's not my style.

  11. Scents are such a great web of memory, this sounds wonderful.

  12. Flower by Kenzo

  13. Ana Maria Baptista18.12.14

    For me it was the opposite: I used Noa for years, then my mother started to wear it because she loved it so much :P

  14. Yasmin Medina23.12.14

    I adore all the perfumes of my mother haha Here in Brazil we have a wonderful cosmetics brand, called O Boticário (The Apothecary), and has an amazing perfume called EGEO (my mom use it), your fragance smell woody and oriental notes, so sweet, hmmmm <3

  15. Sezin özer24.12.14

    This is my current scent. Now I'll be smelling like Simone. Yay :) :)

  16. Polina Collins( Russia)30.12.14

    Right now my mum didn't wear any perfume, but when she was younger, she always used Chanel №5 and when I was about 14, I wanted so much smell, which my mum wears and when I got it finally... My nose schoked after hard smell of this perfume and I tried to wash this smell out from me and my skin till the end of the day))

  17. Beth Grace1.1.15

    My mother and I have always shared the perfume 'pure poison' by Dior... But for some reason it smells slightly different on the both of us and so we could get away with wearing it at the same time :)

  18. Silvia Gomes5.1.15

    My mother's perfume used to be 'Free' by O Boticário (Brazil)... I miss it, and her :(

  19. Filiz Rüzgar Yılmaz16.1.15

    My signature for a perfume is Paco Rabanne - Lady Million and Burberry Classic. So you were remember at Istanbul concert' meet&greet in 2013. Love your style, congrats! And rip Miss Minou...