Decadent Dish

by 1.12.14

After my smoothie time picture on Instagram I received so many questions about the nail polish that I am wearing. It is Essie's 'Decadent Dish'. It is one of my all time favorite nail polishes and it always goes with me on tour.

Essie describes it as a dark brown with a hint of bronze shimmer. My eyes do see some purple red sheen in it as well. Such a gorgeous color for any time of the year, but perfect for this time of the year.

You need about two coats before it is opaque and it will last you a long time. The brush is nice and wide. It applies like a dream.

Price: €7,95 15ml


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  1. Tímea Maščáková1.12.14

    It is indeed lovely :3

  2. Caroline Vieira4.12.14

    I believe you already mentioned Decadent Dish in an old post. Lovely color indeed.
    Kisses from Brazil!

  3. Claudia InWonderland10.12.14

    Tomorrow I will buy it :) Thank you!!!

  4. Teky Frost11.1.15

    I have this nail polish, I got it as a gift and it's beautiful and elegant. :)