Chit Chat #1 - Hugging the Floor

by 13.11.14

You guys have told me that you love the more 'talking' posts, so this one will be filled with what's in my brain. I will be calling it Chit Chat and I hope you all will like it!

Yesterday was a day filled with clumsiness. I fell really hard inside my house. It must have looked hilarious, but my ankle hurts and that is of course not funny. Now you must be asking yourself: How did it happen? Well, I was working on my computer, sitting at the table with my legs crossed. My lower right leg fell asleep. As I walked to the kitchen, after taking two steps, my house shoes made me trip and I fell on the floor like an accordion. I even managed to put down my phone and glass on the floor. When Oliver came down he was surprised that even though I fell, I managed to save my phone and the glass that I was holding. How I would have loved to see a video of this 'Misses Bean' moment!

Because my lower leg was numb, I didn't feel any pain, but my ankle snapped a couple of times before I was on the ground. I was scared that I really damaged my ankle and thought about the upcoming tour. I stayed on the floor for a couple of minutes to regain my sanity. I was quite shocked and terrified that something was really damaged.

Oliver helped me get up and took off my house shoes. I felt nauseous and was shaking a bit. After a glass of water I felt better. I tried to step on my foot and it felt 'pulled' and loose. It didn't hurt luckily. Stupid me didn't cool it. I had to cook and clean the house and take care of V. Oliver had to go to work.

By the end of the evening I took off my socks and boom! Granny ankle! Almost as big as at the end of my pregnancy. It also started to hurt more and more. During the night I put a pillow under my foot to lift it a bit and as I am typing this now (the next morning), a nice icepack is lying on my ankle. I should have done that yesterday, but mom's can't rest until the baby is asleep. 

Have any of you ever made a silly fall? Let me know in the comments!


The program I use to edit my pictures is The little light effects are Light Leak. Feeling Christmassy already :)

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  1. Oh, dear!

    I fell many times, but one fall I will never forget. I fell down the stairs in front of about 50 people in the restaurant. I was talking to my friend and before me there were 4 stairs, not 3 as I thought. And when I stood on the last step, which I did not know that it's there, my knees buckled and I collapsed on the floor with a scream, so everyone saw me... It was sooo embarrassing! My knees hurt like hell, my elbows was on fire.
    It is funny now, but then I wished I was invisible!

    Hope you will feel better soon :)

    Take care!


  2. Ellie S.13.11.14

    I was going to the Conservatory five days ago and I fell ridiculously! I hurt my knee and ankle. Plus there was a lot of people around, having their lunch in a chic restaurant in front of the street where I fell. I felt really stupid and nobody helped me! :(

  3. Judit Agárdi13.11.14

    I wish you a quick recovery! Once I was riding my bycicle while phoning one-handed when suddenly lost my balance and ran into a trench along the street. It wasn't a too big trench, but I fell off the bike and the handlebar hurt my inner tight pretty much. It turned each color of the rainbow after a couple of days and was hurting for a few weeks. I've learned the lesson. :)

  4. damian agredo13.11.14

    I hope you recover soon, te estamos esperando por sur américa, ojala volvieras a presentarte en Colombia el otro año, que te mejores, bye

  5. Jessie Line13.11.14

    Oh :'(
    All the best to you...recover soon, its touring time :D

    See you next week =)

  6. Oh, so etwas ist gar nicht schön. Gute Besserung für deinen Knöchel. Ich bin im Juni beim wandern in Südtirol selbst in ein Schlagloch getreten, hab zuviel in den Himmel geschaut :-). Mich hat es auch komplett hingelegt und mein Band war gerissen. Hab immer noch Probleme damit. Also lass es vielleicht besser mal von einem Arzt anschauen.

  7. Oriana13.11.14

    Poor Simone!
    I hope you get well soon!

    Recently did not happened me to fall but just yesterday I was working (I am a makeup artist and I was working on a plaster cast) and a piece of plaster fell through, my hand has lost the support and I cut my finger.
    Do you know what cut his right index finger in this work means... :(
    A lot of blood on the cast but fortunately nothing serious; no stitches were needed but only a lot of gauze and medicine to cicatrize the wound.
    It hurts and it's a hassle to work so .. but, what to say?
    We do not ever get bored! :D

  8. Paolo Pagnani13.11.14

    I hope your ankle heal soon and you can continue the tour in full form

  9. Lynne McCormick13.11.14

    I hope you feel better soon, sounds like a sore one!

    I can't think of any really ridiculous falls, I usually just trip up the stairs alot!


  10. Viktorija Olimpija Rakūnaitė13.11.14

    Hope you get well soon! I want to see you in London all healthy and jumping :))

    I myself have a bad relationship with stairs. When I was little fell from the second floor and on my way down smacked my chin into the stairs (bit my lip real bad and bit off a little bit of my tongue; thank god not too much). Worst memory of my life. Anyway, since then, I'm a bit paranoid about stairs in general. I've still fallen from them many times despite being very careful. There's just something going on between me and stairs, they make me trip way too often.

  11. Rea Vienna13.11.14

    Oh no, feel better soon! When I was a kid, i slipped and fell in the bathtub and broke my finger... =/ But this was my severest accident so far, although I am a really clumsy person! Wish you all the best for the tour!

  12. I agree with you about mom,never enough work when little angel's sleep-when it happened ;)

  13. Nimedhel13.11.14

    AH well, last Thursday a board fell on my head while I was cleaning the house, and now concussion. ANd that, while being ill with bronchitis. Needless to say that this weekend was not very enjoyable.

  14. Mirtes Oliveira13.11.14

    Hope you are feeling much better by now. Hugs!!!

  15. Caroline13.11.14

    Get well soon!
    Personally,I felt in the last days of the end of my pregnancy because of my "little" dog,(it jumped on me) ,fortunately the baby was in good health after many exams at the hospital.

  16. Dominic Barroga13.11.14

    I hope you have a speedy recovery. I ran full speed into a sign post, the ones embedded into the concrete sidewalk. It was after school. I was running to catch the bus and some friends were calling out to me from a car, I turned my head to see them and Wham! I fell straight down. The kids across the street could hear it. It must've been hilarious to see. It was serious, my friend had to help me up. I couldn't walk straight. I went to the emergency room. I had a concussion, drifting in and out of consciousness and vomiting. Vomiting is common with head injuries. It was a horrible experience but must've been funny seeing it happen.

  17. Ana Dobrota13.11.14

    I hope you will get better soon :)
    It happens to everyone... Just this morning, I felt weird and dizzy, but fortunately managed to sit down (although on the floor) in time, so I avoided falling.
    Happy to see that you feel Christmassy inspite of this :)
    Have a great day!

  18. Ana Maria Baptista13.11.14

    Oh Simone! I hope you get well soon.
    Once I managed to sprain my ankle before a night out with the ladies, getting out of the car and it was so painful that I saw stars popping around my eyes. Since we were close to a bar, we went there to ask for some ice, which was denied because the owner thought it was for drinks! I felt so helpless... After the night was over and not puttng height on my foot, I felt better after ice and a lot of rest.

  19. Fran Guimarães13.11.14

    Once I was quickly climbing up a stair and i kicked one of the steps, and fell on my knees, and started to laugh by myself, fortunately that didn't injured me :)

    When I read "Hugging the Floor" I thought it was something about Floor Jansen hahaha
    I love the "talking post" Hope you get well soon!!!!


  20. My God, Simone ! Hope your ankle is well now . A stumble as we all do, but it's true what you say , it would be stupid broken ankle for that stupid crash and spoil the upcoming tour. Worse is falling down stairs as has happened to me several times . Moreover , I love this new section ! We always want to know more about the lives of our idols. I apologize for my mistakes as always with English, I hope you understood something what I said xD A cute kiss.

  21. Patricio Infanta13.11.14

    Oh my god! Hope you feel better, and your spring is not beyond grade 2.
    My story: Last year I had to take a flight to another city around 3 p.m. I was leaving work around 1 p.m with my suitcase and when I was coming down the stairs to the car in the last step I tread a hole so my ankle got all my weight plus the suitcase, I felt to the ground and stand up quickly like nothing happends but my ankle hurts me a lot and my colleague was laughting of me a lot..damn. But the story not end there..I arrived to the airport and my ticket was wrong!! So I had to buy another ticket and wait untill 11 p.m to fly and limping around the airport with my suitcase I looked like hunchback of notre dame. God! was a bad and silly moment.

  22. Séan Mahoney13.11.14

    Ouch hope your ankle feels better.
    If it helps yesterday I was sitting cross legged up on the couch with he laptop trying to finish a college report (which I should be doing now but procrastination) got up to get something, felt that strange tingly felling you get when your legs go to sleep. Managed to get up right but as soon as I tried to take a step same thing right over managed to catch the edge of the sofa but after a few false starts I ended up laying there for ten minuets waiting for felling to return below either of my knees. Thankfully the only thing hurt on this occasion was my pride.
    Also once a few winters back I was running late to a sound check due to train delays was so busy rushing to get to the venue I slipped on a patch of ice. Done some weird dance with gravity and the guitar case in my hand. Ended up planting the side of my face into the pavement and hurting my back but some how managed to keep my guitar aloft so it didn't once touch the ground which is the important thing. Never thought I would be thankful of Stereo's the ridiculously placed on stage pillar. For one night the bane of many a headstock became my best friend.

  23. Juliana Estrela13.11.14

    I'm very clumsy, so tripping and falling is normal for me, but my friend had a situation similar to yours. She fell asleep on the couch and, when she got up, her leg was numb, so she tripped and fell on top of both legs. The next day, her ankle and foot were huge and the pain was too much for her to walk, so she went to the hospital. That's when things got bad. She didn't know at the time, but she had severely injured her ankle, and that meant one month on crutches and not putting her foot on the floor at all costs. Now she's on physical therapy and she's alright! :b
    Get well soon, best of wishes to you and your family and I hope to see Epica for the first time next year! :)

  24. Carmelo Migliaccio13.11.14

    Does car crushes count? :P

  25. Ara-Coeli G. Conchis13.11.14

    One day I was in my room dancing like crazy, when suddenly I don´t know how, but my knee just didn´t move when my leg was, so I fell but the pain was intense!!! It has been years since that, and I still doesn´t know what happend back then... hope you´re doing ok Simone!

  26. I've never had an accident like that, but I am quite clumsy in general. Luckily nothing major. Hope your ankle heals up quickly!

  27. Patricia Williams13.11.14

    Wow! Glad you didn't break anything! I tend to be super clumsy. I've never hurt my ankle too badly but my feet certainly take a beating, I tend to drop things! I work in a tire shop, yes I'm a girl and yes I work on cars, and quite recently I dropped a 17 inch tire on my foot. Luckily it was off the rim but my foot was still blue and swollen for about a week! Hope your ankle heals quickly

  28. Pedro Costa13.11.14

    When I was younger I probably used to get an ankle sprain every 2 months or something. Once I actually broke my feet because I was stupidly running around in slippers and... well, I slipped badly and I heard these 2 loud snaps xD. Couldn't walk for 2 months. Hope you're better now. :)

  29. Julia Stopczyk13.11.14

    Poor you! :( I hope you're feeling better dear. :)

    Oh, I've made many silly falls! One which I remember very well took place in winter about 1 year ago. Back then I was student of middle school (gymnasium). It was early in the morning when I was walking to school. The day was really cold so everything was freezed and slippery. I wanted to go to cloakroom. In the front of the door are stairs. I was talking with sister and didn't look at the ground. Suddenly I fell down from stairs on my butt. I didn't know what happened but everyone was laughing like crazy. I joined them with that :D Fortunately I didn't hurt myself and all ended as funny situation. ^^

    It's awesome that you will share your daily stories with us. Good idea, keep going! :)

    Love from Poland, Julia!

  30. L Nelly13.11.14

    I don't know why I fell, I hurt my right arm, I felt pain for a few minutes, and felt crackling every time I tried to move my arm, but didn't break anything, also no pain.

  31. Vanessa Tuñon13.11.14

    Poor Simone!!!! I hope your ankle gets better like now!!! Keep putting the ice and also Arnica gel if you can find, my grandmother always used it when she fell and it relieves the pain a lot.

    Well, I fell on the beach last Monday *we had holidays here on Panama, that's why I was on the beach*, anyways, my dog, Oscar, went to meet some strangers (he loves to play with strangers) and I forgot we were making holes in the when I got up to get him, my foot got trapped on the closer hole and I fell flat on my stomach and knee, I looked really silly...I guess...I started laughing as Oscar kept playing with the two strangers. I still hurt my knee :(

  32. Hello Simon, about three weeks I too have suffered a slight ankle sprain. Leaving the house in the courtyard of the building there is a step next to a tilted platform used by disabled people, well one morning I put my left foot between the step and the platform and immediately the pain was very strong but luckily I was standing. I drove the car for a few minutes to get to work, but knowing that it was a sprain I've got ice from a fish shop (next to my shop as a photographer) and immediately I put on the sore ankle trying to keep the raised leg floor fitting it into a shelf of my desk. In the evening my ankle was swollen but I could walk with a slight pain. After 2 weeks of treatment with Voltaren I started to ride a bike, but in the evening the ankle swells up a bit '. Well yes say that this was a clumsy accident .... almost domestic. You will admire in Rome, Italy for the second time (the third Retrospect). Best wishes for healing than ready! a hug. We fans will love it!

  33. I was running of a "bumblebee" in the garden of my house, I didn't want him to touch me, so I ran to the kitchen to get in, I tripped with the door frame, I got into the kitchen and I fell on the floor completely. It's true, after a fall or accident, it feels kind of scary and shaking sensation. A fall or accident is an ugly situation, but I can't deny that after getting up from the floor, I started to laugh :P

    Poor Simone! I hope you will get better soon :)


  34. MissLala Guerrero13.11.14

    Hi Simone!!! get better soon!! once i felt on my university stairs. It was realy early in the morning so no people in there! but a girl saw me and was kinda embarasing for me. I get a little bit hut but it was really funny.

  35. Massiel13.11.14

    OH how many times i fell? Sooo many times, but when i was a child i was riding a bycicle and someone cross in front of me. In trying not to hurting him with the bycicle i made a somerset and felt down in the street. My left arm was injured and my knees too, and without lying to you, i could see my bones! After that the guy that i tried not to hurt was laughing because of my fell. That was horrible and painful.

    Get better soon :3

  36. Laura Juliana13.11.14

    yes! when I was child, I was playing with my grandpa... among the game, he removed the chair and I fell on the floor. my hand was broken xD
    I hope you will get better! :)

  37. omg, Simone! I hope you feel better!
    I live on the first floor. When I was child (not too small) I fell down the stairs. I was a fool, because my mother always told me be careful.

    Oh! I wanted to take this opportunity to ask a question! I would make a fashionista proposal for when you come to Argentina during 2015. I must write to this contact email?


  38. I was carrying two heavy bags, in one hand one full with potatoes, the other one with apples.
    My shoes kinda tied up themselves so i fell like a piece of wood. Fortunately I didn't end up on the bags, so potatoes&apples were safe! I hurt my palms and knees, though :/
    Sorry for your ankle! Recover soon! :*

  39. Marina Cruzeiro13.11.14

    My mother fell at our home this weekend and she managed to save the notebook she was carrying too! Nothing serious happened with her, so she and the notebook are ok now :)

  40. Priscila Abreu13.11.14

    Hello, Simone, I'm sorry that happened! In July this year I had an ankle sprain too, as I walkes on the sidewalk and stepped into a hole... it was nightmarish cause I had to take 40 sessions of phisiotherapy and had to cancel some presentations. I'm a dancer and had to take a time of rest... Now I'm ok. So,I suggest you take some phisiotherapy sessions and you'll be ok! Good luck! <3

  41. JadKik13.11.14

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this had something to do with Floor Jansen. haha

  42. Giorgio Lcf Toffolon13.11.14

    Hello Simone! Last night I woke up 'cause of physiological needs, so i went to the toilet. During the (short) path I hit something and I fell down into the bathtub. I didn't hurt but it's been so strange...

  43. Jennifer Ospina13.11.14

    one time I was at the university for my final exam of semester I ran too fast and guess what ?I fell on the floor and some guys saw me, that was so embarrasing and well,in your case at least Oliver was there with you :P
    hope you get better soon ...kisses and love from colombia!

  44. Andreea Dragan13.11.14

    I had the same last winter, just that I was outside... I screamed from the top of my lungs but since it was during a treasure hunt, I had to keep on walking for another 2-3 hours... so when I got at home, it was swollen and purple :( Don't get me wrong, I love purple just not on my skin :P It still hurts from time to time btw, so it might be better to go to a physician and see some special exercises for it, so it doesn't cause any problems in the future...

  45. Typhoid Kelsey13.11.14

    A few weeks ago, at a friend's house, I went down their wooden steps and my feet slipped out from under me and I fell right on my butt. I wasn't running or anything, and I've always been careful with stairs. So more specifically, I landed on my right buttcheek. I landed so hard that it knocked the air out of my lungs and I couldn't breathe for a minute, which is scary if you're like me and you already have asthma! I couldn't sit right or sleep on my side for the next few weeks. Had some deep tissue bruising for sure, haha!

  46. Krystal13.11.14

    Last week I was leaving the precalculus classroom in university. It was on the second floor, so I had to go downstairs to go to my car. When I went downstairs I slipped and fell. I started sitting down each step as if it was a slider. I obviously felt embarrased and everybody was looking at me. Luckily, nothing bad happenned to me.

  47. I have two clumsy falls, one was was in socks and wooden floor was resvaloso rang my phone and go to answer took a summersault was chitoso all laughed, and the second was for the concert revamp in Chile this year my daughter ran from the theater, it was like I ran a movie she saw me fall in slow motion as my friend was telling Marce was there as my daughter runs escape haha, my daughter laughed at that day was fun playing :D

  48. notyourbusiness13.11.14

    Yikes! Sounds like you sprained your ankle there, Simone. :( I once fell backward sorta running in the hallway of my house with my bird on my finger or shoulder. Luckily, my bird landed away from me or I would have crushed him!

  49. Gabriel Vera Gina13.11.14

    Hi Simone! My name is Gina. I'm from Peru. :D
    Ohh well. I have never suffered a fall. But I've had disgraceful experiences at the school. Like... Walk with the broken shoes and disjointed skirt, during all day. That day I wanted die! Finally I arrived in my house very tired.

    My best wishes for you and I hope recover you. Take care!

  50. Ouch! This reminded me of the time I was running to my garage [I live on a cherry orchard so my garage is kind of far] and boom my ankle randomly gave out [it was kind of funny now that i think of it]! I thought I broke my ankle it hurt so bad! I could not walk on it for two days [and I tired everything to make it feel better] so I went to the hospital to get it checked out. I did not break it it was just badly sprained so the doctor put me on crutches [which was embarrassing hobbling around on since I was only in high school]. What sucked was that I had a National Choir competition in not even 2 weeks. My teacher almost cried when she saw me come in to class with crutches. Her face was hilarious! It healed about a week later and I ended up performing in the competition! I hope your ankle feels better and hopefully you don't need crutches like I did haha!! :)

  51. Anthony Malphas Weird13.11.14

    Oh Simone, I hope you will be all right very, very soon ! See you in Rome, please, remember, I have 2 presents for you ! :D :*

  52. Guess I never fell that hard, but I remember I fell in public. I was walking down a busy street, it was slippery, so I fell down. However, I was not embarrassed at all. Who cares. Lol.

  53. Sandy Neves Rocha13.11.14

    When I was a kid, I slipped right out of the bath, it was wet and slippery sandals. As I was holding the towel (and could not drop it! XD), falls forward with his face to the ground. My mouth bled and lost a tooth =/
    Well, I hope you get well, Simone!

  54. Alfonsina Lomas14.11.14

    That reminds me 2 weeks ago, I was on the sidewalk in front of my house, so I suddenly stumbled with a rock and one of my slippers just broke and I fell and some neighbors laugh but I didn't hurt, it was a little bit embarassing lol.

    Hope you get well soon Simone, hugs from Mexico!

  55. Is good to know that you do not hurt too much, rest and some analgesics may help. About silly falls; I tell you that I broke one knee to push us playing in the grass with some friends, I felt very silly that day, silly and fragile. I hope you recover soon. Xoxo from Mexico
    (Translated with google, sorry for the mistakes)

  56. Herval Júnior14.11.14

    Our Simone my God!

    That seems a bit familiar, because there is little more than a year something occurred to me. It was a sunny Sunday, we were in the pool, I did not know the place, a place of family, and did not know the depth of this pool.

    I arrived and was soon bouncing behold .. BOOM !! To my surprise, the pool was a little over five feet, and I got 1.88 m, it directly impacted my heel on the bottom ...

    In short, swollen ankle ice after splint and plaster, 10 days in house :(

    Hope u get well soon, we are waiting for you here in Brazil anxious, Kisses!

  57. WTFan_IceQueen14.11.14

    OH NO Simone!! I hope you're ok and your ankle heals nicely. Those sorts of falls do shake you up for a bit.

    My worse fall was actually while ice skating. All was fine and then I just fell and twisted my leg wrong. It pop-out my knee cap! Ugh... worst pain I had ever felt. I had to get rushed to the emergency room and it scared me so much. I haven't ice skated since, lol.

  58. Andressa Medeiros14.11.14

    I was here reading and imagining Oliver helping (saving) you. What a cuteness, you two. *-* And, I swear, I laughed just imagining you super worried about the phone and glasses while his ankle was almost breaking. hahaha Care, Simone, please. Vincent and us still need you too much to make us happy!

    My most embarrassing fall was inside the bus. I was dozing off when the bus doubled in a corner and I fell to the opposite side! Some people gave laughter, two others helped up me. I was annoyed at the time, but after I laughed too.

    Take care, Smoon! And if you need anything, I'm a student of physiotherapy, I can help. Haha. :P

    Kisses from a brazilian fan.

  59. Feel Much Your Fall, I hope you recover :*

  60. Erkuden Basabe Olabarri14.11.14

    So sorry of your fall, but this kind of things happen to me more than I'd want to.
    I hope the ice pack works and you feel much better soon.

  61. Melanienemo14.11.14

    Ohh yes, what a hard moment ! I hope you get bette now !
    personnally now that ! I fall everytime, everywhere on the floor, rocks,
    stairs ! I stopped to count how many time I fell by weeks ! It's
    horrible ! One time I fall on the 2cm stairs of my garage and broke my
    ankle, pain was just horrible, and I can't supported my outfits on,
    impossible to touched her for saw what's happened same the radio hurts
    me so much !!After that I had a plaster for 4weeks and a nurse comes at
    home twice a day of injections during these weeks ! When the doctor
    retire me the plaster I had splint for 2 months later ! With 38degrees
    in vacancy in the South of France ! A really horrible exprerience !!
    Get better soon one more time
    and big hug !

  62. Immediately I finished reading your story something came to my mind, I imagine that moment when you saved your cellphone and glasses and a cartoon appeared on my head. The result is at the end of this post :D

    I really hope you get better soon S!! :)

  63. Immediately I finished reading your story something came to my mind, I imagine that moment when you saved your cellphone and glasses and a very simple cartoon appeared on my head. The result is at the end of this post :D

    I really hope you get better soon S!! :)

    Have a great day. Greets from Mexico.

  64. ahha:D the picture is amazing!!

  65. Enya Vetillard14.11.14

    Ow it's funny because this Tuesday I came down the stairs carrying my bags and as it was dark and the stairs were not the same height, I fell and hurt myself doing ankle and was all swollen and my ankle is still purple today ^^

  66. Great iniciative this of yours, this is what we fans surely wish, see a bit more of your toughts and life. Supermom!!! You cook, clean the house, take care of your kid and have a great musical carer!!!! I wish you a fast and painless recovering!!! And take care, distractions happen , all we are subject to it! See you on march, 3, Porto Alegre, Brazil on Meet & Greet!!!

  67. Sally Elizabeth15.11.14

    Can't wait to read more Chit Chat posts ^_^ I myself suffered from extremely weak ankles as a child and was always tripping over them/spraining them, it was like a once a month thing. Very painful! I hope you feel better soon. Keep it rested and elevated and hope you are on the mend soon. Looking forward to seeing you and the boys in December xx

  68. Patty Princess Babyduck15.11.14

    Hi Simone, once I fell to sleep in the home of my aunt, I woke up at midnight to go to the bathroom but I had to walk down stairs to the first floor and you can't imagine I fell down the last step I was half asleep but with the fall and the pain I woke up the next day my foot was swollen. I stay at home and I couldn't go out with my family I had to rest...:(
    Greets from Lima Peru

  69. Maaikie15.11.14

    Toen ik kleuter was, ben nu 25, vond ik het zo mooi om wedstrijd zwembaden te zien. In de zomer maakte ik toen zogenaamd zelf iets in de tuin. Een schommel als startblok en springtouwtjes als lijnen. Toen ging ik op de schommel staan, mijn handen had ik niet vast aan de schommel. Terwijl ik er van af sprong, ging de schommel naar achter en viel ik kei en kei hard op mijn onderarm. Het heeft weken geduurd tot deze kneuzing voorbij was.

  70. Georgia A15.11.14

    Once I stepped on my nieces' "farm animal train" and fell down in a glorous fashion. The choo choo train also played music, so the minute I fell down it started playing "Old McDonald" with a moo moo here and moo moo there. I think , by the time my sister came to rescue me, it had reached the oink oink here and the oink oink there. Tragedy. XD XD

  71. Beatriz Angelim15.11.14

    I hope your ankle heals in time for the tour! Me and my husband have tickets (VIP pack) for the Strasbourg concert next friday and it would be very sad if it didn't happend anymore (especially because it will be my very first Epica concert!). To encourage your subconscious at healing your ankle faster, know that we'll get you delicious alsatian christmas biscuits, haha! See you there :)

  72. Paula Melo17.11.14

    Oh! I hope you get better soon. I always do it. I'm sooo messy :/
    Once, I was younger and (idk y) I was jumping in my bedroom. While I was jumping my toe touched the floor and when I stopped to look at it, it was bleeding. The "head" of the toe had been cut off o.o or sth like it. It hurted a lot... And I always make silly falls :(

  73. Deepblue17.11.14

    Too bad! Get well soon! What language do you and Oliver speak when talking to each other (German or English?)? I am curious!

  74. I hope your ankle get better !!! Because, even if I go to hospital tomorrow to have surgery, I'll come to Zurich to see you there this saturday!

  75. Ruurd Woltring18.11.14

    Ow, that's terrible. I experienced something like that too. When I rushed to the phone at my parents's house, I made a wrong move/turn and sprained my ankle. Luckily, it was cured within a day.

    Ai, vreselijk zeg. Ik had zoiets ook eens meegemaakt. Toen ik me naar de
    telefoon haaste bij mijn ouders thuis, toen had ik een rare bocht
    gemaakt en verstuikte ik mijn enkel. Binnen een dag was het gelukkig weer genezen.

  76. AlexaWilkinson19.11.14

    As serious as fashion can be, there’s no denying it’s also a form of entertainment, and sometimes that entertainment comes not with clothes, but with words spoken by people who’ve had an impact on the industry. Whether it’s Coco Chanel and her worldly wisdom, Marc Jacobs talking about his propensity for making “real” clothes, or Simon Doonan sounding off about, well, anything, the best fashion ones that say so much with a few short words. Check out Designer Women's Top Fashion Brands it has the best selection of fashionable clothes, jeans, dress, bags, shoes, accessories, etc.

  77. Matheus Dornellas Dias20.11.14

    My sense of direction is also very bad

  78. Ignacia Fernandez20.11.14

    ouch!!I hope you are better now :) ..btw, what do you use to do your curls? I have your same haircut and I want to try with some curls like you have on this photo

  79. Ignacia Fernandez20.11.14

    ouch!!I hope you are better now :)...btw, what do you use to do your curls? I have your same haircut and I want to try with some curls like you have on this photo

  80. Tha same happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I twisted my ankle going down the stairs and fell on the floor, couldn't even walk or bike for the next 24h and my foot was swollen. It still bothers a bit, but it's way better now. Hope yours is too! :)

  81. Rêve Errance23.11.14

    Awww I just read this, a bit late, I hope now you feel better.
    I didn't fall but I remember that 2 years ago, I bought a pair of ankle boots, no high heels, just a little bit high. And til now I don't know how after the first walk wearing it I had that ankle problem, I didn't fall but I must have done a brutal move, hurt my ankle and spent a whole year suffering.
    I hope you have not taken more than few days to feel better
    Love <3
    PS: It feels so good to read you, I know that folks here agree with me :)

  82. Roxane Fourny26.11.14

    Wow dat fall. Hope you're fine now, it happens sometimes.
    Love from France

  83. I saw you on monday in Milano. It was my second Epica concert :) you are such an inspiration, I felt like I almost knew you. Love you so much!

  84. Alessandra28.11.14

    Hi Simone! How are you? I want to thank you and all the (Epic) members of Epica for your wonderful performance in Rome! It was a great night, thank you all for your work, your energy and for the awesome songs!
    About your work with Epica... Are you going to make a post blog for the tutorial of your make up in "Victims of Contingency" video clip? I totally loved it!
    Have a nice time for the next tour dates! xoxo

  85. Kas115.12.14

    Boy I had a similar moment, I slipped on olive oil as I was cooking and walking back and forth, I had a pitcher of water in one hand, and a bowl of pasta in the other, but I almost made a split when I fell and neither thing spilled or broke haha, but my ankle was in pain for months. Get better!!

  86. Ouch! My wife @BellaVoxProduct has a knack of doing that. She walked Yellowstone & Tetons for a week with a broken foot and never knew it! And Dad did it last week... Not good since he's 83yo .

  87. Francesco D'Arcangeli19.12.14

    OUCH darling! I've sprained my ankles more than once and boy it hurts like, well, it HURTS!
    It is true that mommies develop a high pain tolerance, or maybe it's you Northern women that are hard as steel, but I remember not even being able to stand up :( well hope everything is ok! You're amazing!

  88. Eric Pacheco13.1.15

    41.5 damn!!

  89. Kačaba Fortidlo Vlčková20.2.15

    Something similar happened to me when we were playing basketball, I had the ball and i was running fast to the other end of the field and suddenly, three girls came to my way. I tried to stop with my foots, but the body went on, so i fell between them. I couldn´t move it and when i finally sit down on mattress, my ankle looked like it was pregnant :D i couldn´t even put it into my boots (i always wear really big Steel boots) :D