Festival Essentials - What's in my bag

by 14.6.15

The festival season is in full bloom right now and I thought I share some of my festival essentials with you guys. I've been a loyal festival visitor since many years and have gained some experience if you catch my drift :)
When you are roaming the festival field, you only want to carry as few items as possible. Big hand bags can be a burden. Light weight is the way to go.

What I carried with me @Novarock:

~ A small, lightweight hand bag. Mine is from Michael Kors.
~ Good sunglasses. You know I love me some Ray Bans.
~ Your festival entrance ticket. In my case a backstage card.
~ Good sunscreen in inevitable. 
~ Water, H2O, Aqua

Inside my little handbag I put some cash, earplugs, some mints, lipstick and mirror, sunscreen and an Epica necklace that was gifted to me by a fan.


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  1. Jessie Line14.6.15

    looks good, i guess if i'm on a festival i have TOO much stuff with me everytime... make up, some deo, money, phone, digicam, sunscreen, water, mints, some hair ties (i lost them everytime xD), a hairbrush (so small as i can get) and hair oil because in the sun my hair gets try :D

    oh damn...now i realize that i need to bring not everything with me 😂

    hope you rocked NovaRock so damn (oh yes you did i'm sure)
    see you in Leeuwarden :)

  2. Hello simone, you have reason, the light weight is the most practical thing in a field of heavy metal concert, and in the possible thing, to take a tiny bag of long strap in order that you could cross it. In my small bags I am in the habit of taking my ID card with the money, my keys and the cell phone. I love you, a kiss!

  3. Nice selection! I tend to wear tooo large bags when I'm on a festival, but you're right: You have no need of your entire wallet. I'm wondering where you put your mobile phone...

  4. Polina Collins( Russia)14.6.15

    Oh! My handmade necklace which I gifted to you at russian Enigma M&G in Moscow. Sadly, I forgot one more specially for you and your hobby as beauty blogger. I hope to give it again through my friend, which will be at M&G with Epica on one of european metal music festivals. I hope, you will like it!
    Polina <3

  5. Eva Sêco19.6.15

    Always with me: even when I'm simply out of the house: sunscreen! (protecting the skin...protecting the colourful tattoos!!!),Water! or Tea... Yes, the lipstick and the mirror... Mints...the Sunglasses...Ray Ban style just like my father always used to wear, but not Ray Ban (can't afford it...too much medicines too buy and etc etc etc) and if I have cigars at home and I'm on a nervous day...mint cigars (not addicted though...but nasty habit anyway, so....girls, don't! But, if I don't have any, I don't smoke...))...If I'm going to a festival or concert, the cigars are imperative, don't ask me why, I don't know! Even knowing it's not good for my health nor my voice as I'm also a mezzo...
    Some Euros too, but little!...and I add Cookies, just in case. :P

  6. Eva Sêco19.6.15

    Pooooockeeeeet! :D

  7. Eva Sêco19.6.15

    Here you look a lot like when you were younger!

    It's a very beautiful and natural picture but at the same time it looks like an art portrait:

    Just look at this picture as if it is not you but some other girl,

    the face shows a complete perfect reflect of innocence, the hair, simple, just like as if her hand passed by it and it stayed that way and she didn't mind how it stayed... but now look at her eyes: you see passion, a bit of sin, a bit of evil......but also.....there's a bit of fear... like a wild animal, always ready to attack but always ready to run away in presence of danger.

    Loved it!

  8. Eva Sêco19.6.15

    three Idols of mine!!! :) sooo niiiice!

  9. Can't wait to see you tonight at the Hellfest festival! I hope that Clisson and France treat you well (and YES! Sunscreen is a must have!!)

  10. Chen Glnovia25.6.15

    Love them good http://www.robesdemariee2013.com/

  11. Karotiini25.6.15

    Hey, just watched this video and thought Id link you it, incase you havnt seen this hair curling technique yet. Happy festival season! =)

  12. Chen Glnovia26.6.15

    Nice, the balzer is fab !http://www.robesdemariee2013.com/

  13. Virginia30.6.15

    Die Miss Manga Mascara! :)

  14. Vanessa Dorner30.6.15

    Mein Lieblingsprodukt ist der indefectibe mega Gloss in "Matte 407, smoke me up" :)