by 12.6.15

When the weather gets hot I can just survive on ice cream. I'll have it for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. My oven gets evenly overheated and I need to cool down constantly. 

To make sure that I don't consume endless amounts of calories I tried out some healthy popsicles. Bought me an array of new popsicle molds and started freezing. The molds you see on the pictures are now in the trash. They were not that great.

The variation I show you today is super fun and also great for little ones. Vincent loves ice cream, just like his mommy.

My fruit popsicles consist out of fresh lime juice with kiwis and strawberries.
First of you need some lemonade or any juice that you love. I made lemonade out of lime, my current citrus favorite. For an extra kick you can add the zest to the lime juice. It is so good!
First you put your fresh or frozen fruit in the molds and after that you add the juice. Don't fill it completely to the top because once you put the stick in, the juice will come up a bit and frozen liquid always expands a bit.

Freeze for 4/5 hours and enjoy your frozen treat!

You can make thousands of variaties, the options are almost limitless. 
So far I've made a key lime popsicle, orange creamsicles, smoothie popsicles. On my to do list are the not so calorie counter friendly (not that I am counting ;) : Fudgesicles! 

Please check out the lovely Gemma from Bigger Bolder Baking. She was the one to inspire me to make the fruitsicles and creamsicles. The key lime popsicles that I made you can find on: Laura in the Kitchen. Mira from Funnypilgrim also had a great vegan popsicle recipe that I've made many times as well: FunnyPilgrim

My ice pop molds:
Norpro 10 ice pop molds
Zoku Mini Molds Great for little ones and for the Calorie Conscious 
Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds I am still waiting for these to arrive.

Enjoy freezing and cooling down with these fun popsicles!


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  1. Татьяна Осмоловская12.6.15

    Perfectly Simon) very much I love ice cream) In Russia not so many hot days, but happens so hot that it is possible to go outside only at ten o'clock evenings, then that and is rescued only by water and ice cream))

  2. Good idea !! I am gonna try these

  3. ♥_____♥ OMG Simons why are you doing this? it is yummy *------* It made my mouth water and the sun today in Bogota waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Jessie Line12.6.15

    i have buy some icecream today :D its pink and sparkling, you can check out Magnum Pink Raspberry edition :D sooo damn good :D

  5. What enterteining you are, Simone! Vincent surely will love and estimate his mother as to nobody on the Earth. Now then, speaking about your summer offer, I am charmed with it the colors of these ice creams! They meet very healthy and tasty. Here in the opposite pole, that we are in winter, only it might say to you that I love to eat chocolates and cakes with many mouse and sweet of milk! (If you have not proved it when you came to the Argentina, you got lost slightly very typically of here). I like your posteos and I like the aesthetics of the same one. I love you too much in spite of the distance, and it would love to have you opposite to forehead and to be able to give you an embrace. A big kiss!

  6. Danke für das Rezept! Ich hab sowas tatsächlich auch schon mal probiert, aber mit Naturjoghurt als 'Basis'

  7. Alondra Celeste12.6.15

    Looks so delicious ! :D

  8. Alena Motionless12.6.15

    Muss ich unbedingt mal ausprobieren 😍

  9. Suklaalastu6.7.15

    Considering this week's temperatures here in Italy, I will definitely follow your advice :D