Autumn Hair - Het HAERHUYS

by 25.9.15

Balayage, Ombre and highlights. I got a little bit of everything. My cousin had gorgeous highlights in her hair and she told me that she always goes to 'Het Haerhuys' in Heerlen.

Normally I only get my hair trimmed at the hair dresser, so this was quite exciting for me. I took my sister with me so both of us could relax and get our hair done.

Het Haerhuys is a lovely salon, modern and chic. The ceiling is really high and gives a spacious feeling. I love high ceilings. One of their eye catchers for me, has the be the lamp. One of the pictures that I took I used as a desktop picture.

The eye for detail and color scheme is perfect. What I loved about the salon is that is also a barber shop! Too bad I don't have a beard to try out a new look.


They placed 3% bleach and dark brown layers in my hair. I call it: Autumn Hair. The different colors come alive best when my hair is slightly curly. I used my Remington hot rollers to achieve this look. I have a hate love relationship with hot rollers. I don't mind looking like a granny for 30 minutes, but my fingers don't like the heat. Practice makes perfect.

Shot by my sister. Dress is from Primark.
A custom made lamp. Love it!
The bearded men can get a shave or trim as well.
Ramona (second from the left) colored and cut my hair.

💋 Simone

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