Chit Chat #7 Sweet Little Things

by 1.9.15

I do not advise you to look any further if you are hungry at this moment. You have a chance to look away! These babies are so deadly tasty that you might suffer from severe drool edge.

Meet my Raspberry Pâte Choux, made again with the help of Dulce Delight. I basically did everything the way she made them except for the rose flavoring. I couldn’t find rose jelly nor did I have the time to make rose extract.

The first time that I tried to make Pâte Choux for eclairs went completely wrong. I made the dough too liquid and instead of making a second batch of cooked dough, I just threw in flour to make it thicker... So, I learned from that. They simply sucked. It was like biting in to bread rocks, the custard filling was amazing, though.

After calming down over the last few month, I decided to give it another try. I binge watched Dulce and studied her video about how to make mini rose Pâte Choux. It gave me confidence, so I put on that apron and started baking.

This time I was sweating in the kitchen during high summer. Drying out the dough and then adding the eggs one at a time. I almost failed again because after throwing in 3 medium sized eggs (instead of 4 to 5 large ones), I noticed that the dough was again too liquid. It went beyond ribbon stage. To the stove I went again to make a second batch of cooked dough. I mixed a small portion into the liquid dough and it turned out fine! Yay!

I filled them with a delicious classic custard and topped them off with a dark chocolate ganache. Delicious! My whole neighborhood enjoyed them with me. Good times, no, tasty times.

The third time I made them was just over a week ago when my parents where at my place. My dad loves backing as well, so I wanted to show him the new tricks that I have up my sleeves. I’d learned from my mistakes and was rewarded with perfect little (more like medium) choux. This time with the raspberry filling that came with the original recipe from Dulce.

Check out the recipe and enjoy baking them!

My first attempt.

💋 Simone

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