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by 16.8.16

In the South of France, bloggers and vloggers where invited by Dessange to experience the luxury hair treatment along with some sight seeing in Cannes, delicious food and great company. 

Founded in 1954, Dessange now has over 400 salons in 40 different countries. Germany will also be added to that list in September this year. 
With five luxury lines that are targeted at the different hair types , Dessange wants to offer luxury hair products for you to use at home. 

I am all for luxury hair treatments at home.
My hair is especially dry with an oily scalp. It is not easy to find a great match. On top of that, the water in my town has a high level of calcification which is the main reason why my hair is dry.
I was very curious to try out Dessange.

The journey started at the Dessange Summer House. We were welcomed by the team with open arms. 
Lunch was provided by Björn Freitag, and may I say that it was divine! He provided our breakfast and dinners during our stay. I discovered some new flavor combinations and felt a bit like the rat in Ratatouille. 

Soon after that we went to a hair salon from Dessange to get our hair treatment according to our hair type. Shampoos bubbling, hairspray in the room, blazing curling irons and blowdryers where working at full speed. About 17 girls needed to be styled in a short period of time. 

We all woke up really early that day, so we went back to our hotel to freshen up for the BBQ that was also provided by Björn. Back to the Dessange Summer House to exchange beauty tips and camera specs, all whilst we enjoyed a perfect barbecue during a lovely summer evening. 

The next day we had a Yoga class with Bettina Hartmann. Such a lovely lady that exudes expertise and passion for her work. I was pleasantly surprised by yoga. The next day I felt some some soar muscles, which made me realize that I should do more yoga in order to train more muscle groups and also for the relaxation.

A delicious breakfast, with the best Bircher Muesli, soon followed after our Yoga sessions. I asked Bettina for some tips to help with my tensed shoulders. She was kind enough to show those to me. 

Now we had time to freshen up and enjoy Cannes. Some of us went shopping, some wanted to chill at the sea side and others took pictures/shot videos for their blogs and youtube channels.

I forgot to take pictures and mainly wanted to visit the restroom and get some aspirin for my headache. Of course a little visit to two Sephoras had to be. If you are out with fellow beauty admirers, you are bound to find another new lipstick or blush.

That night we had our 'White Night Party' where all of us where dressed in white. Such a pretty sight that was! I loved all the dresses, but the dress that got me drooling was from Chrissie from the Edelfabrik. Absolutely stunning.

It was a lovely time in the South of France where I met new people and also bonded with some familiar faces. All unique and beautiful.

Thanks Dessange for inviting me! I had the best time!

Some links from the beauties that were there:

DM Drogerie is searching 500 people to test Dessange Hair Luxury:


With Beautymango, Hearttobreathe and Derblasserschimmer

Fresh after my hair treatmant 

Bettina Hartmann

Blasse Shimmer, Fulya, Beautype, Pakize et moi 

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