Cake Poppin

by 3.9.16

Sometimes I just get in to this obsessive baking mode. I just need to bake. That sweet tooth in me will never die. Vincent is going to enter kindergarten after the summer holidays and I had to bake him something special. The first batch of muffins were a fail due to the wrong baking powder, which made them taste nasty. Sometimes when you try new recipes, they fail. You don't want to come close to me when that happens ;)

On the search for a recipe for the Starbucks Birthday Cake Pop, I found a great recipe by Cook with April. She used a buttermilk pound cake as the base for the cake pops. 

All credits go to her, because this pound cake is life! I've baked it a second time, just to enjoy it on it's own and I've received a lot of compliments.

Here is the video to make the pound cake: Buttermilk Pound Cake
I decorated the cake pops with what I had on hand. The ones you see on the picture here are the left overs. The treats for day care left without me taking a picture of them. They looked cute and colorful and the kids loved them too!

Do any of you love cake pops? The Starbucks Birthday Cake Pops are the best. Too bad you can only get them in the US. 

Next time, I know how to make them.


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