Chit Chat #17 Epic Metal Fests

by 19.10.16

The Holographic Principle has been unleashed upon the world. Never before have we graced so many magazine covers! The reviews have been mind blowing and the fans seem to have welcomed it with open arms.

The second edition of EPIC METAL FEST, held in the Netherlands and Brazil, have been a huge success! Our CD presentation at 013 Tilburg was another milestone in our career because it embarked the release of THP. The emotions that I felt when we played the new songs live for the first time were incredible and scary at the same time.

Our 7th studio album, which was created by the band, our producer, and the fans (you motivate and inspire us), carries the heaviest EPICA songs that we have ever written. All of the guys in the band have been writing songs, and I love how diverse the album sounds due to the five composers that EPICA has.

Soon after we released our first single “Universal Death Squad” talented fans from all over the world started making beautiful covers. Here are two that I enjoyed immensely:

Let me know what you think about The Holographic Principle! Which is your favorite song? One of mine is definitely the title track.

Thanks to the fans from all over the world. As I said in the booklet:

Together, we are EPICA!

Tim knows how to write with light.
Thanks to Alessandra Tolc for this amazing shot. It caught the wonderful energy that we all felt at EPIC METAL FEST Brazil.

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