Guillermo Del Toro - At Home with Monsters

by 28.11.16

My favorite genre of film would be fantasy. Tim Burton, Henry Selick, Jim Henson, and Guillermo are the have my personal preference.

Sometimes it happens that you are at the right place the right moment. In the past I've often missed out on exhibitions (Tim Burton) because of the distance being too great.

Not this time! One of my favorite movie directors put some of his great treasures on display at the LACMA in Los Angeles. I simply had to see it. Thanks to Aleen for informing me about it!

After some difficulties with the local traffic, we made it to LACMA around noon. We bought tickets for the 11.00 entrance, but luckily they were understanding and let us in anyway.

Rob, Aleen and I were excited like little children. We knew we were going to see artifacts of movies that we all love. Rob is in particular a huge Hellboy fan (and collector) and I adore Pan's Labyrinth. Besides those treasures we also gazed upon a great selection out of Guillermo's private art collection. There was so much to feast our eyes upon. 

I've tried to capture the greatness of Faun and all the other amazing items out of Guillermo's home.

The exhibition only lasted two weeks. Today was the last day of 'At home with monsters'. Now, Guillermo has his beloved friends back at his place. Thank you for inviting us to your world. It is most wondrous!

One of the scariest monsters I've ever seen. From Pan's Labyrinth.
Hell Boy's Coat.
Guillermo's Notebook.
Angel of Death.
The cane from Dracula from Bram Stokers, Dracula.
We all know the great Frankenstein.
This made me geek out hard! Replicas from The Time Machine!

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