Chit Chat #19 'Stopping Time' Photography

by 21.2.17

Photography has always been a big passion of mine. It is one of the main reasons why I started my blog SMOONSTYLE. The love for documenting life and in particular people has been with me since I bought my first DSLR.

Whenever I have a photoshoot with professional photographers, I have been picking their brain on lighting, lenses, cameras, gadgets and more.  Lately, Jeremy Saffer and I were geeking out about lenses, lightroom, and more.

Shooting portraits is what I want to explore more. I have been trying out different lenses and camera bodies. My family, friends, and my son, Vincent have all been in front of my lens. Vincent needs to be bribed a bit. Thank the candy god for chocolate. ;) There is something priceless of taking pictures of our young ones when they seem to grow every minute.

I am thankful that through photography we can save precious moments and have them become more than a memory in our mind. We often need to see a picture in order to process what we sometimes can't see at the moment the memory is created. There is something quite therapeutic about photography.

We can make the world more beautiful through the art of photography. Wouldn't you agree?

A big thank you to all the photographers that I've worked with for answering my questions. And a thank you to the photographers that share their knowledge online for all of us to see and learn the tricks of the trade!

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  1. Makeup addict21.2.17

    I am agree with you . I learn a lot on set with my photographers too and this is one of my passion too. As a make-up artist I know a lot of very talented photographers and working with them was the best learning for me. I can say know that having "the eye" is more important than your camera and lenses quality ). One of my friend's photographer is so young but already very famous and always trying to evolve . He is not retouching a lot his work and the lighting are very simple but the result is always amazing. There is something magical with photography I think, you can put 3 different photographers with the same lightings and camera etc but the result is not the same (magical)

  2. I love you, Simone! ❤️