Tweezerman Ilashcomb

by 3.7.17

Here is a cute little helper that has transformed my eyeslashes from nice to amazing in only a matter of seconds. I am talking about the Tweezerman Ilashcomb. When I heard Lena (Meyer-Landrut) talk about how she can't live without her lashcomb, I went online and ordered it myself.

Absolutely no regrets from my side! It simply is the best lash comb that I own. You do need to use this with extreme caution. The teeth of the comb are made out of metal, and believe me, I have pricked myself as often as Sleeping Beauty. Luckily I didn't fall asleep after that, even though I do have a little prince at home that likes to wake me up in the morning with his sweet kisses. Don't comb your eyelashes when you are not sitting still. You can really hurt your eyeballs. 

I recommend you also clean this right after you've used it. The the mascara won't clogg the teeth of the comb and you can use it again the next morning. You all know I don't like the color pink all that much, but the see-through one that I also have, always gets lost between all of my make up products. This pink one I immediately see inside my make up bag. It has become on of my must have beauty items in my every day make up bag.

Do you guys comb your eyelashes?

Here you have a comparison between the Tweezerman Ilashcomb and the one from MAC Cosmetics.

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  1. Anonymous3.7.17

    Yes I comb my lashes too but when I've got time and money I am going to a beauty salon in paris to do a special treatment that lift up my lashes for month, It last 3 to 4 month and make my lashes stronger so I do this once a year. Your lashes look always so perfect ❤️

  2. Anonymous7.7.17

    Just received the lash comb and I am going to try it tomorrow ^^