Kiss Pop Lipstick - Marc Jacobs Beauty

by 28.7.17

The color of the summer of 2017 is orange. Good for me! I can bust out all the orange lipsticks and clothing items. Time to rock that orange.

Marc Jacobs Beauty has created such a gorgeous orange lipstick that has such beautiful chrome packaging. It is the Kiss Pop Lipstick in the color '614' Pop Rock. Seems like it was meant to be for me to have this beauty in my lipstick collection.

The color is described as a strawberry red. My eyes kind of disagree. I think it is leaning more to the orange side. More of a tangerine red if you'd ask me.

The formula is semi matt and very long- wearing. Comfortable on the lips and doesn't bleed. Opaque with one swipe and great pigmentation.

I can only say positive things about it. The only negative would be the price.

Fun to wear, fun to photograph because of the stunning packaging. Can you guys spot me?

Price: $28

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  1. Anonymous28.7.17

    Beautiful indeed !!! Orange is the new red hehe

  2. Hiiiii Simone!! Good to hear from you again! The colour of the lipstick is so gorgeous, I want it! 😊 I also like the packaging!!! Lovely!!! Kisses 😘

  3. Hello!! I think that this red more orange like lipstick looks great on you! Can you give an advice to keep my lips moisturized? Even if I drink a lot of water, my lips run very dry in these summer days so the dermatologist told me to use a Barrier Repairing Balm from La Roche-Posay, and I am using it but I cannot apply a lipstick while using it because the consistency of the long lasting Repairing Balm doesn't allow it. Also I am very curious, how do you keep organized all you make up collection at home? Do you have a room at your house only for all your make up :P?

  4. Hello Simone, I loved the lipstick, the color is so beautiful, Looks great on you. Looking forward to see other posts on your blog.

  5. Mmm!! Es muy bonito!! Pero claro, a ti te queda todo bien!!!