Lid Tint – Jillian Dempsey

by 14.8.17

Glossy lids is something I have been into lately. Whether it is glossy looking or actual gloss.You might have seen the post Glossy Lids and Glowy Skin.

To find a product that works for you can be a struggle. It often looks gorgeous for editorial purposes, but is very rarely comfortable to wear and also chances for it to be long wearing are also very slim.

Lisa Eldridge is one of my favorite make up artists and I religiously watch her YouTube videos. She simply knows what she is doing and has such a calming effect. It is really soothing to watch her and listen to her voice. She truly seems to be a lovely lady. Some times when I do my make up, I wonder, how would she do my make up? The clinging of her rings while she applies make up is a sound that a lot of us love. Lisa for the win!

I think you can guess where this is going. Whenever she shows a new product, I am interested. One of my favorite make up brushes is the Suqqu cheek brush. One of her favorite brushes. Most products that she uses, I like as well.

During her Spring Bling tutorial she used a Lid Tint from Jillian Dempsey. I loved the look and went to Jillian's website to order two colors. Organic and natural ingredients is what Jillian is going for and I can salute that. No animal testing, vegan, and gluten-free.

The packaging is great and doesn't take up a lot of space in your make up bag. White with gold lettering. Very classy and simply. It has a little mirror inside, but still is nice and compact and not too heavy. Nothing to complain on that matter.

The two colors that I've purchased are 'Bronze' and 'Peach'. Unfortunately, they were not what I had expected. The glossy finish disappears within minutes and all that is left is a patchy greasy mess.

The scent is very strong. One of the main ingredients is sunflower seed oil and that is what I am smelling. I don't like it that much. Normally I prefer the lipsticks that have a hint of vanilla in them.

I was kind of disappointed that it didn't work for me. The bronze creases less than the peach. A part of me really wanted to love these and I will give them another try to see if I can make them to crease less. This post will be updated after a couple more uses. I will not give up on it yet ;)

Price $28 | .11oz/3g

Peach and Bronze
Above: Directly after applying. Below: A couple minutes after application.

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  1. Is it possible that it has to do with skin type? Maybe your skin doesn't react well to this product. You mentioned it's a vegan product, could that have something to do with it?

  2. Anonymous15.8.17

    You should try the glaze from butter London they are so beautiful !

  3. Hi Simone! How are you? Hope you and your family are well! Lisa Eldridge is a great makeup artist, I watch her videos from YouTube too!
    Indeed the eye shadow disappears very quickly! :( keep trying, and I am sure you will find the way of using them!! Kisses!!! Xx Looking forward for your next post! Take care!!

  4. Have you tried using an eyeshadow base? And then a powder before the eyeshadow (so it wont crease)

  5. Oh no, such a shame. Could they be used as blush or lip tint instead?