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by 1.8.18

It is time to introduce you the beautiful make up brushes from Jacks Beauty Line by Miriam Jacks.
Miriam is and I officially met at the QVC Beauty Night last summer. We also saw each other briefly at  some L'Oréal events, but there was always so much going on, that there was little to no time to talk.

The last time we met, was during an event in Cannes. We noticed we have a lot of common ground. Our love for our sons, make up, both being working mothers, lead to a lovely breakfast conversation.

I knew that she has her own line of make up brushes and asked her if she would be interested if I would review them on Smoonstyle. She asked what my favorite colors were, and a couple of days later I received a parcel filled with these colorful beauties.

From the get go I can already tell you that they immediately brightened up my day.  Yellow and orange are my favorite colors. They just make me happy. It's that simple.

These brushes painted by hand, 100% vegan and made in Germany. Each brush is unique.
On her website you can chose which colors you would like the brushes to be.

These are high quality brushes, the bristles are super soft and they don't shed any hairs.
The handles have the perfect length and really fit well into my hands, not too heavy nor too light-weight. I will say it again, they are so beautiful. A real eye catcher on your vanity.

After playing around with these brushes, I can tell you more about each individual brush.
Starting at the top of this picture:

#10 'Highlighter' 

This is officially a highlighter brush, but I like to use it as a setting brush to apply loose or pressed powder on my t-zone, as the finishing touch. For highlighting it is too big and feathers out too far.
I can imagen that this would also work great as a contour brush to chisel the cheekbones and to define the jaw line.

#8 'Concealer'

Works great as a concealer brush. You can really buff in the concealer or pat it on. For smaller faces it might be a bit on the large size, but on my face it works well.

#2 'Fine Eyeliner'

From all the eyeliner brushes that I own, this is definitely the smallest. I got really excited when I laid my eyes on this beauty. This is as the name suggests, a great eyeliner brush. It applies gel eyeliner like a dream. What I will probably use it for, since I am a big Kat von D 'Trooper' eyeliner fan, is for spot concealing. It has the perfect shape to do pin point concealing.
I do warn you, don't conceal after you've applied eyeliner. You will look like Pippi Longstocking, but with black freckles.

#13 'Blush and Contour'

A very densely packed brush which is great for powders. I do have to warn you, it packs on a lot of color. Use a light hand when you dip in to your blush and also when you apply it.
A little tip that I'd like to give you, is to hold the brush more towards the end. Like that you automatically have a lighter hand and will avoid the heavy blush look.

#6 'Eyeshadow'

Reminds me a lot of the maccosmetics brush #239 or the Zoeva #234, but then the slightly bigger version. Does the job, the bristles grab on to a lot of product. Great for packing on any type of eyeshadow.

#7 'Eyeshadow'

Hello bigger brother to #6. You can use this for blending, as well as for packing on eyeshadow.
It is flatter than a maccosmetics #217.

#1 'Eyebrows'

Here is a nice big spoolie to help you brush those brows in place. Another great way to use these, is to comb through your eyelashes after you've applied mascara to get rid of any clumps.

#11'Small Foundation'

Great for buffing out edges and getting in to the corners of the nose and around the eyes. To apply liquid foundation, I prefer to use a larger brush.  I use this to apply creme blush. It could work great with creme contour as well.


I am really happy with these brushes. The quality is top notch, they are so fun and colorful. I already loved applying make up, now I love it even more. I will be heading over to her website to check out the rest of her brushes and all the endless color possibilities.
What I love as well, is that each brush is unique. There is so much love put in to each individual brush.

Available here:

Jacks Beauty Line

*Pr Samples

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