Chit Chat #24 ´How to ruin your nails in four days`

by 13.7.18

Consider yourself warned, this Chit Chat is going to be a rant.  It is a lesson that I´ve recently learned the hard way.

For this summer I wanted to get my feet done at a nail salon. I hate doing my feet and it never looks good. It is not something I am good at and also don't enjoy doing as well.
I found a nail salon close to my home and decided to go for a dark purple shellac. My first shellac and it was looking good! 

After two weeks I wanted to try a new color. I get bored quickly and wanted something brighter than the usual dark colors I normally go for. 

This time I also wanted to get a gel manicure as well. I was already thinking about how much time I would save by not having to do my nails every 3 days. My nail polish never lasts long, because I am always washing dishes, dirty little hands and all the other motherly things. 

My first thought was to go for a nice nude. It is all I’ve been wearing on my hands, except when I have an Epic show. It just goes with everything and looks classy and sophisticated.
They didn't have any nice nude colors available, so I went for white. 

A friend of mine that you might already know, Aleen, has done my nails many times. We did gell many times. I know the way she works and I was kind of expecting the same.
The lady at the salon took her torture device ( I have no clue how it is actually called) and started to drill my nails to ‘rough’ them up. They looked horrible! Alleen always treats them with alcohol to make sure there is no more oil residue on my nails.

I was shocked! My nails looked awful. 

The worst part is still to come. After the manicure I wasn't sure I liked the result. I didn’t like the way my nails looked. It didn’t feel like me. After a couple of days the ends were already chipping. Time to take it off. Since I couldn’t get it off myself, I had to go back to the salon. 

There was the drill again. First to take off the nailpolish. It hurt like hell! It burned and I started to let her know that I was in pain.
After she was done, there were still some small traces of the white nailpolish. She took another drill and went over my complete nails again a couple of times!

I am left with horrible looking nails that are paper thin. They keep bending if only the slightest pressure is applied. As you can see on some of the photos, I have tears underneath the nail as well. 

What a horrible experience! I now have to let the damaged nails grow out. That will probably take a couple of months, maybe even half a year, maybe even longer. 

I went back to doing my own nails and won’t go back to that salon anymore. It was a waste of money, time and healthy nails.

Do any of you have had bad experiences at nail salons?

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