Smells like SMOONSTYLE #10 WOMEN Calvin Klein

by 7.3.19

Don't underestimate the power of a perfume. Normally I don't feel seduced to buy any perfume that comes inside a magazine, but not this time.

My family and I were enjoying our holidays in Fuerte Ventura last September while Oliver was on tour. It was the first vacation for me where I was forced to sit back at the pool or enjoy a free sand peeling at the beach (strong wind).

I had brought some magazines with me from Germany to help me sit still and control the urge to do something. There isn't much sightseeing to do in Fuerte Ventura, especially if you don't have a rental car. It is a barren island, but the apartments we were staying at were very modern and quite close to the sea. There was a little supermarket closely where we bought our groceries. I cooked a couple of quick meals and enjoyed the local restaurants.

Every morning after breakfast, I would lie at the pool and get a whiff of Calvin Klein's new perfume 'Women'. The add in the magazine was also drawing my attention. The bottle certainly is beautiful, but I saw Nina Simone and I love her! This is scent is now so strongly connected to a relaxing holiday. The effect that it has when I wear it is instant. I can taste the candies that I bought at the local drugstore, I can feel the wind on my skin and the sun shining in the clear blue sky.

On our way back home I saw the perfume at the duty free. They had a the cutest little miniature version of it and I wanted to buy it. After waiting a long time to pay for it, the lady at the register told me that it was a freebie that you would get if you spend so much and I wasn't ready to pay so much for a perfume that was not going to be my signature scent (I already have one), but more as a perfume to take me back to certain place and time in my life.

Somehow I couldn't get it out of my head and decided to buy the smallest bottle, which is 30 ml and I have not regretted doing so.

'WOMEN' consists out of floral notes, woody notes, Eucalyuptus acorns, alaskan cedar wood and range flower.

To me it smells fresh, modern and very versatile. I love how perfumes are in a way the key to unlock certain memories in our mind and make us relive them at that very second.

Do you have a story to tell about your perfume collection and the memories connected to it? Why you buy a certain perfume for what reason? I am curious!

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