Scenes from the L'Oréal 'Worth it Café'

by 10.3.19

By the push of one button, one of the most beautiful cupcakes will be coming your way. L'Oréal's Pop Up Store the 'Worth It Café' had their own Cupcake ATM! Just what every woman wants, sweets only one button away.

Lottas Torten created the most lovely baked goods that were a treat to look at as well as to eat it. I am a great fan of cakes, so it was rather hard for me to pick just one. Lotta's cupcakes were almost too beautiful to eat. My empty stomach convinced me to eat them anyway.

The Pop Up store was located at the Neptune shop in Berlin. It was temporarily changed into the Worth It Café for as long as the Berlinale lasted, which was from the 7th of February until the 17th.
A lot of activities took place at the cafe. Stefanie Giesinger, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Iris Berben were some of the German celebrities that paid a visit.

You could buy and try all the latest products and have a coffee as well as Lotta's Cakes. The perfect combination if you ask me.

Yes, I have a VALIDATED book, signed for me! So happy with it!

Wuuli making me a coffee. 

Sohi striking a pose for the camera.

Sohi and Siar checking the shot.

All proceeds from the café went to the DKMS and the Movember Foundation.  I have one of their mugs at home. Another lovely souvenir which is connected to all the great memories that I have collected together with the L'Oréal team.

With the L'Oréal Men Expert team. We were given some time to ourselves to create some images at the café. I couldn't tell if there were more cameras or cupcake while we were at the café ;)

During this wonderful Berlinale days, I slept so little. My head was filled with an incredible amount of impressions from all the events, walks on the red carpet, movies and meeting so many lovely people. Luckily I could recharge my caffeine level at the Worth It Café a couple of times.

This summer will be festival time! Excited for all the festivals and DYU shows that are coming real soon! I've started listening to the album again to get the songs back in my system. I can't believe it is 10-years-old! I remember recording Tides of Time being really sick. Still love that song so much.

Sonny and Cher ;)

Well, hello there!

I had to pose next to the giant lipstick. One of my favourite make up products.

The lovely Val Garland gave a make up work shop and gifted us with her book 'Validated'. I can tell you I was so excited to meet here again. She is a very cool lady let me tell you! So down to earth and relaxed. Open to any conversation has a great sense of humour. I hope to meet her many more times.

Too pretty to eat, right?

To conclude this post I wanted to add a little bit more sweetness to your day. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog!
Also thank you to L'Oréal and Zeitgestalten for organising another great event and letting me be a part of it!



Photos of me made by Tommy Seven and Siar
All edits done by me

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