Back Alley - Los Angeles

by 11.1.20

First blog post of 2020!

Happy New Year everybody!!!! All the best wishes to you, health and happiness for 2020!

On the first of January, I travelled to Amsterdam to join the group for our North- American DYU adventure. You might say I started the year of right, travelling on the first day of the new year.
New Years Eve was fun and most of all delicious. We spend it with friends and had a lovely Swiss cheese fondue. I made the dessert for the evening. It was an orange tiramisu. The recipe that I used was from Sally's Welt.

On the 2nd of January I met with the group at Schiphol. We had two flights ahead of us, going first to Toronto and then to Montréal. Our first flight was delayed by almost 4 hours, meaning that we missed our connection flight to Montréal. It was quite the adventure getting to Montréal. We arrived around 1.30 am Montréal time, completely exhausted.

The day of the show was hard for me, I was falling asleep in the restaurant while eating me dinner. Jet lag can hit you hard. The show was great, but in my mind felt like it was a dream. It was a sold out show and the audience pulled me through the jet lag.

On the 4th we flew to LA via Atlanta, two more flights and a lot of sneezes later I became ill. It starts with that soar throat, the excessive sneezing and tired eyes. I tried really hard to battle the first signs of a cold with all the natural remedies I knew, but it was too late.

Luckily the weather in LA was so nice, that I tried to get a lot of vitamin D. I had plans to go out and about in LA, visit my favourite Donut show (Voodoo Donuts), but decided to stay at the venue to rest and enjoy the sun.

Isaac and I grabbed my camera and had a spontaneous shoot in the back alley of the Regent. The sun was hitting just right and I love how these images turned out!

For the whole duration of the 70000 tons of Metal Cruise, I was really sick and had to medicate my way through the shows and the All Star Jam.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the worst is behind me. I am so happy that my voice is unaffected.

Hope you like the photos!

Outfit Details
Jacket - Zara
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - Catwalk
Sunglasses - Calvin Klein

Photos by Isaac Delahaye
Edit by me

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