Dinner with Raiza - Misi New York

by 13.1.20

Open up, I am going to feed you some delicious food for breakfast! 

Raiza and me met up yesterday at a lovely Italian pasta restaurant called MISI in Brooklyn. MISI is the 'sister' restaurant from LILIA. Apparently Lilia is booked for a long time in advance, after Barack Obama recommended the restaurant. MISI is a little bit more underground, but the food is just as scrumptious!

Luckily, my sinus infection has gotten much better, so my palette almost back and I can finally taste again! Hallelujah!! That is one of the worst things about being sick for food lovers like myself.

Raiza knew what to get from the menu from previous experience, so I fully trusted her to choose for me. We ordered two starters, along with two Aperol Spritz'. Gotta have that Aperol Spritz ;)


Charred peppers, marjoran with whipped ricotta crustini
Delicata squash, honey, rosemary, smoked ricotta garlic bread crumbs

Main Course

Spinach and mascarpone filled tortelli, brown butter, ricotta salata
Sheep's milk ricotta filled occhi, bottarga, lemon


Mint stracciatella ice cream with coffee

Everything is made from scratch. I could see one of the staff members preparing the pasta. I was mesmerised. Pasta is one of the few dishes where I never trusted myself to make it myself. Maybe I should give it a go?

Thank you Raiza for a lovely dinner for breakfast with mouth-watering dishes!
I can wholeheartedly recommend Misi. It is a bit on the pricey side, but well worth it!

Misi New York

Raiza has one of the most contagious smiles in the world!

Delicata Squash

Spinach Mascarpone Tortelli

Sheep's milk Ricotta filled Occhi with lemon. Aren't these super cute?!

If you are in Brooklyn and you are a pasta lover, you will not regret paying a visit to MISI.

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