Balcony Lady

by 23.5.20

A red lipstick can really brighten my day. Oh wait, Corona is here and we have to wear face masks.....

One thing that I kept doing ever since we were 'stuck' at home, is taking care of myself and don't hang around in pyjamas all day long. Don't get me wrong, everyone can do whatever they like. For me it really worked to get ready for my daily routine. I am more productive when I get dressed and do my hair make up. Not in particular like you see on these photos. This is not my everyday attire and make up look ;)

This lovely dress is also just for hanging on my balcony, just like wearing red lipstick while we are eating greasy food. I mostly end dinner with red lipstick on my chin, but who cares?  I do it for myself and everybody should do things that make them happy during these times. Also, eat that extra piece of chocolate if you are hungry for it. Dark chocolate is good brain food. A great excuse.

Try to give your loved one a kiss with red lipstick, they will for sure run away haha!

Have a great weekend!



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