Neon Orange

by 10.5.20

Top to bottom: Orange, Coral, Passionate, Bright Fuchsia

The orange eye make up won the poll that I posted in my Instagram Stories. I felt like creating a fun colourful look to wear in my pyjamas. I have a lot of bright eyeshadow palettes which I have used before, so I wanted to see what other colourful treasures I have in my make up collection.

Fun fact is that I had to take my first try of this look off, because I went too far with orange glitter and didn't like the end result. You know when you are in that creative flow, but you take it too far? I did that. It happens sometimes.

This Neon Orange look features one of my oldest eyeshadow pigments in my collection. It could almost be considered vintage haha! It is a 'Bright Fuchsia' pigment from MAC Cosmetics. Back in the day the pigments came in bigger pots. I believe that this colour is discontinued. Sorry for that!

I pressed the pigment into an eyeshadow pan myself. This color is insane! I've worn it many times during the early Epica days. My future granddaughter can inherit this pigment, because it will never go empty.....

How I achieved this look:

Orange on the mobile lid
Passionate in the crease
Bright Fuchsia as an eyeliner (I wet an angled brush with some fix plus)
Coral as a transition color to blend it all together
Altair Flash(Linda Hallberg Cosmetics) in the waterline and lower lash line
Beige in the City 656 Lipstick from L'Oréal

*PR sample

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