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by 18.6.20


Starting from the top: Shade 4,3,1

The holy grail of all my highlighters, my all time favourite liquid highlighter is the Charlotte Tilbury 'Hollywood Flawless Filter'. 

What Charlotte says about it:


  • The ultimate high gloss, high glow celebrity-skin-filter-in-a-bottle! This was born on the red carpet makeup, inspired by technology, for real life, in real time that looks amazing on-screen or off.
  • Smoothing airbrush polymers roll over your complexion for a poreless-looking, creamy finish.Glossy Oil is a lightweight moisturising oil that reflects and adds light to your face where you need it.
  • Finely milled powders soft focus, makes lines and pores appear smoother which means it only ever looks as amazing in real life, as it does on camera.
  • Porcelain Flower Extract is a brightening ingredient derived from a Thai flower with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to enhance microcirculation and brighten skin. Ideal for superstar-lit skin whether you want a subtle glow or a mega-watt complexion.

As soon as it was available online, I ordered my first color in shade number 3 'Light/Medium'. Unfortunately it was not the correct shade. It is very pink and my skin tone has a yellow undertone. Looking at the swatches online, I decided to go for shade 3, it has a yellow undertone, but was also too light.

When I was in England with Epica, I went to have a look at the colours in the shops. Back then there was no Charlotte Tilbury in Germany. Now, luckily we can purchase her products in Breuninger and at Sephora. Spoiler alert, I love Charlotte Tilbury! 

Swatching the colours on my skin, I decided to buy shade 4 Medium. The lady at the counter told me it was too dark, but I know a thing or two about makeup and also wat looks good on me ;) It looks almost like my foundation, but then a very shimmery version.

You can use this in many different ways:

1) Use it all over the face as a foundation (glowing to the stars)
2) Mix it in with your foundation
3) Apply it on top of your foundation on the high points of the face
4) Use it strategically on certain parts of the face as a base or just by itself if you are a no foundation person.

The way I use it is that I mix it with my matte foundation and afterwards apply it on my cheekbones and above the brow area as a base for my powder highlighter. My skin looks radiant and fresh. My favourite powder highlighter, which is kind of a bargain and secret tip from me, will be featured on my blog. 

Ever since I started to mix the Flawless Filter with my foundation and using it as a highlighter, I have gotten so many compliments about my skin and my highlighter. 'Your skin looks so great!' Even though it was not in the best shape. 

Today my new Hollywood Flawless Filter came in from Sephora. I ran out of my Flawless Filter and was scraping the bottle to get the last bits out. I really notice a difference when I don't use it. I tried to get the same look with different liquid highlighter, but nothing compares to the CT one. 

Many of my friends are using it as well, and they all love it! 

So, have you tried the Charlotte Tilbury 'Hollywood Flawless Filter' already?

xo Simone

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