Chit Chat #39 Peace of Mind

by 13.6.20

The skies became clearer, the airplanes were on the ground instead of in the air. The cars remained in our garages and the trains were standing still on the tracks. 

Covid-19, the climate crisis, the fight against racism. They have been keeping many of us awake at night for the last couple of weeks, months and for some of these matters even for years, decades and centuries. Streets that were empty before were filled with a sea of people fighting for basic human rights. 

While we were complaining about having to wear face masks out in public, waiting longer in line to buy our food and clothes, other people have been waiting their whole life for a change that still hasn't come. 

We are all fighting for clean air at this very moment. We want to preserve our mother earth and ensure that our children have a safe future. We should do this united as one, not divided by systemic racism, ethnicity, sexual orientation, different beliefs. There is no Planet B and there is no you and me. It is us, together. 

Our planet earth is our only home and we need to protect it and not destroy it. I believe that if we all make changes in our life style, we can still turn the tide. Don't think that you alone cannot make a change. If we all think like this, nothing will change for the better. 

We must return to the laws of nature
Free ourselves from madness*


'The sun keeps shining for us all
Freedom will never fade to shadow
Step into the light, it's where we belong'**

* Taken from the lyrics 'Consign to Oblivion' by Mark Jansen
** 'Gaia' by Simone Simons


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